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New plugin for Revit. Beams reinforcement

Meet the fourth plugin in the line of reinforcement – Beams Reinforcement

The concept of the plugin is very similar to the plugin Columns Reinforcement - the configuration of longitudinal reinforcement and the layout of transverse reinforcement look identical, which is quite logical and justified. The main difference is the layout of transverse reinforcement, which can take into account the underlying walls and columns.

Another important difference from other reinforcement plugins is that Beams Reinforcement is only available from Revit 2019, as some algorithms use methods from the API available only from that version. This may be the first bell to drop support for the 2017, 2018 versions...

The first version of the plugin only works with rectangular beams. We understand that there may be other cross-sectional shapes, but decided that we will deal with them if there are requests from users.

And by tradition we have make a demonstration video:

Have fun working with ModPlus!

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