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Rebar solid and visible. New concept of work

Initially, we wanted to make the Rebar solid and visible plugin convenient in terms of minimizing clicks when using it: the user configures once how the plugin should work, and then simply runs the required command. And in principle, this approach worked, but did not justify itself. The problem was the ability to simultaneously change different properties - for example, enable the "Show as solid" property and disable the "View unobscured" property.

Therefore, we decided to radically change the concept of the plugin to a more familiar one: now the plugin will have one command, when called, a window with options for changing the reinforcement properties will open. You can change the properties you want (or not change them at all) and, as before, you can select the desired elements with reinforcement or process all the elements in the view.


We hope you enjoy the update. Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

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