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Auto-update module. Fewer notifications

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Installing up-to-date updates is one of the main concerns of ModPlus. It is very important that users have all the relevant parts of the software installed and so it is very important that the auto-update module always works. But many users didn't like the fact that the module shows pop-up notifications about updates when they are working - the notifications are distracting - and users disable the auto-update module in every way possible. We spent a lot of time thinking how to circumvent this problem, and today we are pleased to present a new version of the auto-update module.

Now if the Configurator or a supported product (AutoCAD, Revit, Renga) are opened and there are new updates, the auto-update module will not show a popup notification but will download these updates and change its icon in the system tray


Once the Configurator or supported product is closed, the auto-update module will install the downloaded updates. Thus there will be no pop-up notifications while users are working.

An important difference - if a new plugin was released, the window suggesting installation of the plugin will now be displayed even if the Configurator or a supported product is open, so that the installation files will be downloaded immediately.

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

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