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Revit. Walls Reinforcement: horizontal tied stirrups

Today's update of the Walls Reinforcement plugin opens a new stage in the development of reinforcement plugins – the use of tie stirrups. Both in this plugin and in subsequent ones.

Now there is a new group in the wall reinforcement settings:

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Since the stirrups are mainly used for reinforcing pylons, options were provided for determining pylons from the list of processed walls: we assume that these are walls that do not have end intersections and that they have a length of no more than specified. You can also enable or disable creating horizontal bars and specify the number of pairs of vertical bars to cover.

It is also worth noting that this functionality already uses hooks. If the stirrups are created entirely from the sketch, then the tie stirrups are created from four segments in the sketch and by adding hooks with an angle of 135 degrees. Accordingly, if there are no hooks in the project, the yoke will be created simply without them.

The example settings on the first screenshot (these are standard settings) give this result:



Try it, test it, and let me know what you need to improve.

Enjoy working with ModPlus

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