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Search by condition

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  • Search for objects by various conditions

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    Plugin allows you to search by properties, parameters and quantities among all objects of the model or objects of the specified type. Found objects are highlighted in the model. There is an opportunity in the search bar to specify several values for the search, indicate the “AND-OR” operation option, and also use the “not equal”, “less”, “more” operators

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    Object type – a drop-down list that allows you to specify among the types of objects you want to search.

    Search in – switches that allow you to specify the search area: by the Properties of the object, by the Parameters of the object or by the Quantities of the object. At least one value must be specified.

    2 – if the search by Quantities is specified, opens the unit settings dialog:


    In the drop-down lists, it is required to indicate in which units the values from the calculated characteristics of the object will be taken during the search. Accuracy indicates the number of decimal places when comparing fractional numbers.

    String Match Type – is a drop-down list with matching options for string values: whether the string to be checked should fully match the search value or whether the string to be checked may contain a search value. This option is also taken into account when checking the names of Properties and Parameters.

    Search: – input field for a search query. The search query may contain special control characters that indicate which values to look for and how to verify them (see below).

    Reset the current selection if nothing is found – if the flag is set, objects were selected in the model and the search returned no results, the current selection will be removed in the model.

    Search – starts a search according to the specified conditions and rules of the search query. Objects that meet the search conditions will be highlighted in the model.

    Search in selected –  start a search according to the specified conditions and rules of the search query only among pre-selected objects.

    Show – orientation of the camera on the 3D scene along the boundary of objects that satisfy the search conditions.

    Hide – hides objects in the model that satisfy the search conditions.

    Isolate – hides objects in the model that do not satisfy the search conditions and displays objects that satisfy the search conditions.

    Search Query Rules

    You can specify multiple values for the search by separating them with an asterisk. For example, 200*300.

    If several values are specified, the OR option will work. For example, when searching by the value 200*300, a match of 200 or 300 will be satisfactory.

    To use the AND option, specify AND at the beginning of the search query. For example, AND200*300 indicates that the value 200 and the value 300 must match in the searched object.

    When specifying fractional numbers, the separator of the integer and fractional part set in the regional settings of the operating system is taken into account. If you use a comma in the settings, then the value 1.75 will be processed as a string.

    To search by Yes/No parameters, true or false should be indicated in the search bar, respectively.

    For numerical values, you can specify comparison operators: != Is not equal, < is less, > is more. For string values, you can specify the comparison operator != (Not equal), which is processed only if the value Equal is selected in the String Match Type property.

    For example, the string ANDConcrete*> 1,75 indicates that you need to find objects that have the string value Concrete and a numerical value greater than 1,75 among the values to be checked.

    You can specify the specific name of the property or parameter in which you want to validate the entered value. For example, the string Note=Concrete with the Search in properties checkbox selected indicates that objects matching the search condition should have the Note property with the value Concrete. Name validation is also handled based on the String Match Type.

    To search by the condition of empty values, you need to specify only the name of the property or parameter. For example, the line Note= with the checkbox Search in properties checked, indicates that objects satisfying the search condition should have the property Note with an empty value.

    Checking all string values is not case sensitive.

  • Change history for

    2024 Year

    Renga: Search by condition (04.01.2024)

    Added search among selected objects.
    Added search of numeric values as string values.
    Added saving of search string.

    2022 Year

    Renga: Search by condition (15.05.2022)

    Added ability to hide or isolate search results.
    Correct display of the plugin window - on top of the Renga window, but not on top of other application windows.

    2020 Year

    Renga: Search by condition (07.06.2020)

    Added handling of properties with the new data types introduced in Renga 4.0.
    Added "Show" command that allows you to view objects in a 3D scene.
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