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CAD manager

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  • Manage all imports of dwg files in the current document
    About files with the extension .mpif
    The file with the .mpif extension is a special installation file of the ModPlus (ModPlus Install File).
    These files allow you to install and update all ModPlus components using the auto-update module in case you do not have access to the internet or


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    Plugin displays all types of inserted dwg files - both belonging to the types and not belonging to the views. It is possible to search in the list, copy the identifier of the dwg-insert or view, open the view containing the dwg-insert, and delete the dwg-insertion

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    All the functions are performed directly through the Function window


    The function window does not block Revit. The list of dwg-imports changes dynamically when adding/removing dwg-imports using Revit and when switching the document.

    Belonging to the view – option for filtering dwg inserts in the list by type of belonging to the view.

    Insert type – option for filtering dwg-inserts in the list by insert type.

    Search by name or view – search on the fly in the list of dwg-imports.

    Below is a list of dwg-imports of the current document. Each item in the list contains information about the dwg-import: the name of the dwg-import, the dwg id, the name of the view to which the dwg-import belongs, the view id. Each element allows you to perform some actions:

    2 - copying the dwg or view id
    5 - the presence of the icon indicates that the dwg insert is linked, not imported
    3 - select and display the dwg-import
    4 - remove dwg-import

    Elements in the list support multiple choice using the Ctrl or Shift key pressed and clicking the left mouse button. When you right-click the mouse, a context menu appears with a item Select all.

    Delete selected elements – delete several dwg-imports in the list

    Files with the file extension .mpif is used to install or update components and plugins in case of lack of access to the internet! ModPlus is installed using the web installer
  • Change history for

    2020 Year

    Revit: CAD manager (05.10.2020)

    Fixed a bug where, when opening new documents, the message about missing import elements continued to appear if the plugin was launched in a document that does not have import elements

    Revit: CAD manager (15.09.2020)

    For dwg inserts added designation by insertion type (imported or linked). Added filtering by insert type

    Revit: CAD manager (04.03.2020)

    Fixed bug with incorrect display names of some dwg imports

    2019 Year

    Revit: CAD manager (23.07.2019)

    Small changes in the design

    Revit: CAD manager (03.03.2019)

    Changed the search priority: first, insert of import (ImportInstance), then the description of import (CADLinkType), if no inserts

    2018 Year

    Revit: CAD manager (30.10.2018)

    ModPlusStyle styling
    Removed window transparency

    Revit: CAD manager (28.03.2018)

    Added import processing for CADLinkType type

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