Copy elements to the documents

Copy elements to the documents

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    Akhmedov Samil
    Batch elements copying to the opened documents


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    Batch copying of the current document's selected elements to the specified opened documents


    For the plugin to work, at least two documents must be open.


    The main window of the plugin is divided into two parts. The left side indicates the source document (from which copying occurs) and the elements available for copying, grouped into categories.

    At the top of the list there are auxiliary controls:

    2 - expand all items in the list
    3 - collapse all items in the list
    4 - check all items in the list
    5 - uncheck all items in the list

    In the right part of the plugin window there is a list of open documents into which you can copy selected elements, and also set copy options in the case of duplicates: allow duplicates, refuse duplicates or ask user.

    View log - opens a window containing the plugin work log in the current session. The log begins to fill up from the moment you select the source documents.

    Transfer elements - starts the procedure of copying checked elements to checked documents. At the same time, a copy progress display and the Cancel button will appear in the lower right part of the window, allowing you to interrupt copying.

Akhmedov Samil

Akhmedov Samil


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