Copy sheets to documents

Copy sheets to documents

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    Pokhomov Maxim
    Batch copy sheets to open documents


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    Batch copy selected sheets from the current document to specified open documents with the ability to specify the content to be copied


    The plugin can be started only if at least two documents are open.

    The main window of the plugin consists of the following parts:


    Sheets of current document - a tree view of the current document sheets, similar to the Project Browser. You need to select the sheets that you want to copy to the selected destination documents. You can select an entire group of sheets at once.

    Destination documents - list of open documents except the current document. In this list, you need to select the documents to which you want to copy the sheets.

    Settings - list of options to specify which sheet contents to copy.

    Start copying - starts copying selected sheets to selected destination documents.

    The progress bar is located at the bottom of the window, and messages about the copying process are displayed.

Pokhomov Maxim

Pokhomov Maxim


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