Dimensions by line


Dimensions by line

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  • Placing dimensions on the plan along the specified line
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    The plugin must have at least one working configuration for it to work.

    If the plugin is launched with a missing configuration, you will be prompted to open the working configuration setting:


    You can also open the Configuration Settings window from the Revit ribbon by running the command "Dimensions by line. Settings"

    The settings window contains configuration controls and several general settings for the plugin operation:


    In the upper part of the window there is a drop-down list of all created working configurations. The configuration selected in the list is current when the plugin is running. All your configurations are saved in the /ModPlus Data/UserData/DimConfigurations directory in the PlanDimensionsSettings.xml file, which allows you to transfer a set of configurations to another workstation.

    Attention! Do not change the configuration file manually, as this can lead to errors in the plugin!

    Edit – opens a window for editing the currently selected configuration. The editing window is similar to the configuration creation window (described below).

    Create – opens a window for creating a new configuration (described below).

    Delete – permanently deletes the selected configuration.

    Work Cycle – if the checkbox is checked, the plugin will repeat the request for points to create dimensions until canceled by pressing Esc. If the checkbox is unchecked, then the plugin will ask for two points only once.

    Specify the location of the dimension line - if the checkbox is checked, then after requesting two points of the conditional cutting line, there will be an additional request for specifying the point of placement of the dimension line of the created dimension.

    Create/Edit configuration window


    In the upper part of the window there is a field for specifying the name of the configuration. This name will be displayed in the configuration selection list in the previous window.

    Category filter – allows you to display only checked categories in the list.

    Below is a list of categories that are processed by the plugin, with the following values.

    Category – Revit category processed by the plugin.

    Diemnsion – indicates that the current category will be processed by the plugin. Setting this checkbox can open a specification of how to set dimensions - along the surface and/or along the axis.

    At extreme edges – indicates that the dimensions will be placed on the extreme surfaces of the element.

    By center – indicates that the dimensions will be placed along the axis of the element.

    Attention! If the "Dimension" checkbox is checked, but neither of the two checkboxes "At extreme edges" or "By center" is checked, then the dimensions for this category will not be set! If after setting the "Dimension" checkbox, the fields for the "At extreme edges" and "By center" do not appear, then the dimensions for the category will be set!

    Accept – closes this window with saving all configuration settings.

    If the plugin is launched with the existing working configuration, requests for specifying points will be made:

    Enter first point – picks the first point of the conditional line.

    Enter second point – picks the second point of the conditional line.

    A conditional line can only be vertical or horizontal. Since when specifying the second point, orthogonality cannot be observed, the second point is calculated programmatically based on the specified second point and the coordinates of the first point. For a conditional line, the main point is the first point. Thus, the dimension line will be drawn opposite the first point.

    If the request for the dimension line placement point is enabled, the principle of construction and processing of the conditional line is preserved, but the dimension line of the created dimension is placed at the specified point.

    Files with the file extension .mpif is used to install or update components and plugins in case of lack of access to the internet! ModPlus is installed using the web installer
  • Change history for

    2021 Year

    Revit: Dimensions by line (24.11.2021)

    Added ability to turn on/off processing of linked files

    Revit: Dimensions by line (23.11.2021)

    Added checks for geometry on top of each other

    Revit: Dimensions by line (25.10.2021)

    Added processing of reference planes

    Revit: Dimensions by line (04.06.2021)

    Fixed plugin launch error on the ceiling plan

    Revit: Dimensions by line (21.03.2021)

    Added processing of detail lines
    Fixed a bug where the dimensions were not set on the extreme faces of families when the option to set the dimensions along the center line was disabled

    Revit: Dimensions by line (21.02.2021)

    Added the ability to specify the point of the dimension line
    Fixed some bugs when processing linked files

    2020 Year

    Revit: Dimensions by line (25.12.2020)

    Added post-processing with the removal of zeros from the dimension chain

    Revit: Dimensions by line (20.08.2020)

    Ignoring the "viewid is not a view" error, which appears in rare cases when there are lincked files

    Revit: Dimensions by line (10.08.2020)

    Added handling Foundation slabs (similar to Floors)

    Revit: Dimensions by line (26.07.2020)

    Added handling of floors in the plans (all planes, including openings)
    Fixed handling of elements from the linked files invisible on current plan

    Revit: Dimensions by line (01.03.2020)

    The error of obtaining the incorrect Z value of the cut plane of the level in the event that the geographic location is specified in the project is fixed

    Revit: Dimensions by line (25.01.2020)

    Added handling of IFC reinforcement

    2019 Year

    Revit: Dimensions by line (19.09.2019)

    Added handling of curtain walls: the outline of the curtain wall, panels, the mullions, the grid lines

    Revit: Dimensions by line (05.08.2019)

    Fixed a bug that occurs when trying to work the function in Assembly views

    Revit: Dimensions by line (09.06.2019)

    Reduced tolerance when checking the parallelism geometry
    In the configuration window-added column "Note"
    Added category "Structure Foundation"
    Added category "Ceilings"
    Optimization of some algorithms

    2018 Year

    Revit: Dimensions by line (04.09.2018)

    Fixed a bug "curve length is too small for Revit's tolerance", which occurs when working with elements of certain categories

    Revit: Dimensions by line (19.08.2018)

    Added work with Parts
    Added work with linked Revit projects (only on the view plan)

    Revit: Dimensions by line (16.06.2018)

    Changes are made in view of transfer of a folder of storage of the user settings
    Checking the name of the configuration when it was created

    Revit: Dimensions by line (02.06.2018)

    In the configuration settings window added the ability to check/uncheck the entire column
    Added work with categories: Air terminals, Windows, Doors
    New algorithms have been added, allowing for some categories (columns, air terminals, windows, doors) to put the size on the auxiliary working plane
    For the category "Equipment (Mechanisms)" added processing of extreme edges
    Fixed a bug that caused skipping of some faces of elements

    Revit: Dimensions by line (24.04.2018)

    Added processing of equipment (mechanics) by the extreme edges

    Revit: Dimensions by line (18.03.2018)

    Completely rewritten function code. Now the function works not only on plans, but also on sections and facades

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