Elements join


Elements join

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  • Apply to manage adjoining of walls and beams, and also join their
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    The features of the plugin are divided into tabs:



    Batch management of end adjacencies.

    In the list, check the boxes for the categories of elements for which you want to change the end adjacencies. Below the list, check the boxes indicating which end of the elements to process and select the processing mode - join, disjoin or invert.

    When you click the Execute button, a dialog box appears with options for selecting the elements to process - to process the selected elements, to process all elements in the view, or to process all elements in the project.



    Batch join or detach elements.

    At the top there is a drop-down list with configurations. The default configuration cannot be deleted. When expanding the list you can rename a custom configuration by clicking on its name.

    3 - adding a new user configuration.
    5 - deleting the selected user configuration.

    Below there is the field with the rules of elements processing. The position of rules in the list influences the order of processing of elements by these rules. To the right of the list of rules there are control buttons:

    3 - add a new rule.
    6 - move selected rule up.
    7 - move the selected rule down.

    In each rule you must select on the left a category of elements to be joined, and on the right select one or more categories of elements from which the joined element (elements to be joined) will be cut out. For a more accurate selection of elements there is an opportunity to add filters by parameters.

    5 - opens/hides the setting of filters by parameters. When hiding, the filters are not removed from the rule.

    Below the list of rules select in the drop-down list what action you want to apply to the elements - to join or to disjoin.

    When you click Execute, a dialog box appears with options for selecting the elements to process - process the selected elements, process all elements in the view, or process all elements in the project.

    Files with the file extension .mpif is used to install or update components and plugins in case of lack of access to the internet! ModPlus is installed using the web installer
  • Change history for

    2022 Year

    Revit: Elements join (22.04.2022)

    The "Data Devices" category has been added to the list of categories on the "Cut" tab.

    Revit: Elements join (17.01.2022)

    The plugin window is made non-modal (not blocking Revit).

    2021 Year

    Revit: Elements join (27.11.2021)

    Added an option to cancel a cut.
    Added the ability to connect elements by height.

    Revit: Elements join (24.11.2021)

    Categories added to the "Cut" tab: Electrical Equipment, Mechanical Equipment, Special Equipment, Plumbing Fixtures.
    Ignoring an error that occurs if the user interrupts the selection.
    Fixed elements selection logic - now you have to select elements once.

    Revit: Elements join (24.11.2021)

    Added feature to cut elements.
    Added saving of the selected tab.
    Categories are made unselectable by default.
    Added "Roofs" category.

    Revit: Elements join (21.11.2021)

    Added sending plugin launch statistics.

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