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Type manager

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  • Changing and comparing type parameters


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    The plugin performs 2 main functions:

    • analyzing and batch editing Types in the current project
    • comparing values of type parameters in two different projects.

    The functions are located on separate tabs in the plugin window.



    The plugin window consists of three tables: Types, Edit type parameters, and Instances.

    When the plugin is started, the table Types is filled with the list of all Types of the current project. It contains the following mandatory columns:

    Status – displays the presence of unsaved changes to the Type

    Family – family name

    Type – Type name

    Category – category of elements (if any)

    Elements – number of instances of the Type placed in the model. When clicking on the value of the element number in the model, these elements will be selected. When you put the cursor over a line, content copy becomes available. It allows you to copy the ID values of the elements of the corresponding type to the clipboard, comma separated.

    Using the table column plus after button you can add additional columns to the table. The opened window will show the list of type parameters of all Types visible in the table:


    The required parameter can be found using the quick search field, the eye check outline button displays only the checked parameters, and checkbox multiple blank circle outline unchecks all checked parameters.

    Columns can be swapped by dragging them behind the header with the left mouse button. The contents of all columns can be sorted by clicking on the column name.

    The Refresh button (refreshes the list of Types in the table) and filtering tools are located above the table:

    • a field for a quick search for Type by name without case
    • the Only used option allows you to display the that have at least one instance in the model
    • All categories button opens the window for selecting element categories

    When selecting a Type, the table Edit type parameters become available in the right part of the plugin window. 

    At the top of the table is the Open editor in Revit button, which opens the Type Properties dialog box.

    The left column of the table contains the type parameters of the selected Type, and the right column contains the values of the parameters. If you change the value of one or more parameters, you must click Accept to save the changes or Cancel to return to the original values. If you do not click any of the buttons, then in the Status column in the table Types there will be a color indication. It warns that the changes have not been applied.

    If you select several Types in the list, the parameters common to all Types will be displayed in the right part of the plugin window. In this case, you can batch change the values of these parameters for the selected Types.

    If you select one Type that has instances placed in the model, the table Instances is filled in at the bottom of the plugin window. It contains all instances of the selected Type. The column ID is present for all Types, the other columns correspond to the instance parameters of the placed elements.

    By selecting one or more rows (using the Ctrl or Shift keys), the corresponding instances are selected in the model. When clicking on an instance ID, that instance will be selected and shown in the center of the screen, and the view on which the instance is located will be opened.

    At the bottom of the plugin window there is a status bar displaying the total number of Types, the number of Types placed in the model, displayed and selected Types.


    For the tab to work, at least two documents must be open.


    The plugin window consists of the document selection area and two tables: Types and Type parameters.

    First of all, use the Select documents button to check the projects whose types you want to compare in the opened window. The lists include all open documents except family documents, as well as linked files of open documents. Next, click Compare.


    The table Types contains Types that are the same for selected projects, but whose parameter values are different.

    Filtering tools are located above the table:

    • a field for a quick search for Type by name without case
    • drop-down list of available element categories

    When you select a Type in the list, the table Type parameters become active. The family name and the name of the Type for which the parameter values are compared are displayed above table. The table contains the list of type parameters and their values in in the compared documents. The rows where the values differ are highlighted in green color. 

    The status bar shows the total number of Types, the number of displayed Types and the number of changes.

  • Change history for

    2024 Year

    Revit: Type manager (15.05.2024)  Read more

    Added ability to compare more than two models.
    Added ability to select multiple categories for filtering.
    Added ability to select Type instances in a model and copy their IDs to the clipboard.
    Added ability to save selected columns.
    Added ability to change the Type name.
    Added processing of "Workset" parameter.
    Fixed a bug where underscores were not displayed in column names.

    Revit: Type manager (19.03.2024)

    Fixed design in dark design themes.

    Revit: Type manager (10.02.2024)

    Optimize load speed.

    Revit: Type manager (19.01.2024)

    Fixed a bug in setting numeric parameter values that could cause incorrect operation with lookup tables.

    2023 Year

    Revit: Type manager (04.12.2023)

    Fixed an error occurring when comparing parameter values of different documents.

    Revit: Type manager (01.12.2023)

    Fixed an error occurring in some cases when trying to get the value of a numeric parameter.

    Revit: Type manager (16.11.2023)

    Fixed an error occurring when trying to edit the parameter comparison table.
    Fixed an error occurring in some cases when trying to retrieve a parameter data type.
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