Wall layouts


Wall layouts

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  • Create wall layouts
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    Launching the plugin is only available on plans.

    The main plugin window consists of three main parts: Dimensions, Options and Other:



    Number of curve splits - the number of straight segments into which the curved walls will be split

    Top offset - specifies the offset of the view boundary from the upper boundary of the wall upwards 

    Down offset - specifies offsets of the view boundary from the bottom wall boundary downward

    Inside offset - specifies the Far Clip Offset (mm) for the created views (from a wall)

    Projection depth - specifies the Far Clip Offset (mm) for the created views (into the wall)


    Create: Elevation/Section - select the type of view with which the wall layout will be created

    Create: Room/Wall - select the element category, on the basis of which the wall layout will be created

    If you select the create room, the Reverse order option becomes available. It allows you to choose the direction of wall layouts. If this option is on, the layouts are created counterclockwise, if it is off, they are created clockwise.


    Apply view template - drop-down list of view templates available in the current document. If you don't want to apply the view template, select "No" from the list

    Place on the sheet - drop-down list of sheets available in the current document, on which you can place the created view. If the option No is selected in the list, the created view will not be placed on the sheet

    Flat pattern name - the field where you can set the name of the created view.

    After making all the settings, first select the elements and then create a wall, using the buttons at the bottom right of the plugin window.

    When you click the Select Element In Current Document/In linked Document button, you need to select in which document the elements will be selected and select the walls or rooms in the view for which the wall layout will be created.

    Create - creates a layout of the selected wall or walls surrounding the selected room.

    If you selected a single wall when running the plugin, then after clicking the Create button you will need to specify on which side of the wall you want to create the layout, by indicating a point on the plan.

    If you choose to create a wall layout over the room, when you click Select Element, the In the active view in the current document option becomes available, which allows you to select all the rooms in the active view:


    You can use Filter Elements by parameters playlist edit to select specific rooms.

    Files with the file extension .mpif is used to install or update components and plugins in case of lack of access to the internet! ModPlus is installed using the web installer
  • Change history for

    2023 Year

    Revit: Wall layouts (10.11.2023)

    Using the ModPlus.Xaml.Behaviors.Wpf.dll library instead of Microsoft.Xaml.Behaviors.dll to resolve compatibility issues with other plugins.

    Revit: Wall layouts (02.08.2023)

    Added possibility to set reverse order of sweep creation.
    Algorithms of Curtain Walls processing improved.

    Revit: Wall layouts (18.07.2023)

    Added option to not create a sheet to place a created view.
    Fixed some errors when working with Curtain walls.

    Revit: Wall layouts (21.06.2023)

    Removed "Prefix" and "Suffix" settings.

    Revit: Wall layouts (06.04.2023)

    Corrected the orientation of views on the sheet.

    Revit: Wall layouts (06.04.2023)

    Considering the scale of the view when placing the view on the sheet.

    Revit: Wall layouts (15.02.2023)

    Fixed localization error on the selection button.

    2022 Year

    Revit: Wall layouts (08.12.2022)

    Redesigned UI.
    Reworked the algorithm for creating wall layouts by rooms.
    Added ability to specify a name for the layout.
    Added possibility to process multiple selected rooms.
    Added possibility to select rooms in active view.
    Added an option to use the filter by parameters for rooms in the active view mode.
    Added saving of a selected template and sheet.

    Revit: Wall layouts (03.12.2022)

    Added command access settings on the ribbon.
    Fix some bugs.

    Revit: Wall layouts (17.08.2022)

    Fixed a critical error related to retrieving elements from linked files.

    Revit: Wall layouts (09.08.2022)

    Added an option to specify an offset at the top and an offset at the bottom.
    Removed "Only sections and elevations" filtering for templates of the view.

    Revit: Wall layouts (24.07.2022)

    Added ability to create an offset from the wall.
    Added ability to process surrounding structures that are in a linked file.
    Added ability to process rooms from a linked file.
    Added the ability to add a prefix/suffix to the names of created views.
    Fixed some bugs.

    Revit: Wall layouts (18.04.2022)

    Fixed a bug in getting walls from rooms that are surrounded by more than just walls.
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