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  • Manage, create, and apply worksets
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    The plugin allows you to create workset configurations that you can use to create worksets in a document. Configurations can be imported and exported. For each workset in the configuration, you can specify the conditions for applying the workset to an element

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    The left part of the window contains configuration controls and a tree view of the groups of worksets included in the configuration.


    Configurations and groups of worksets are conditional in nature and serve for more flexible management of worksets, as well as provide the ability to exchange configurations between users.

    The configuration management buttons are located next to the drop-down list of configurations:

    11 - edit configuration name
    12 - create new configuration
    13 - import configuration. A dialog will open with options for choosing a configuration import:


    Import from a text file is described below.

    Import from an xml file allows you to import configurations that were previously exported by this plugin.

    14 - export configuration. A dialog opens to select configuration export options:


    15 – delete current configuration

    The button for creating a new group is located in the lower right part of the field with the configuration contents.

    Each created group in the tree has group control buttons:

    11 – edit group name. Appears on mouseover.
    12 – create a new workset
    13 – import group. The group import options dialog opens:


    Import from a text file is described below.

    Import from an xml file allows you to import groups that have been previously exported by this plugin.

    Import from current document Revit allows you to import custom worksets from the currently open document.

    When importing groups, worksets are imported into the current group.

    14 – group export. The dialog for selecting the group export options opens:


    15 – delete current group. Appears on mouseover.

    When you select a group or a workset in the tree, additional settings will be displayed in the right part of the window. These settings are described below.

    Create worksets – create custom worksets in the current document.

    Create worksets and apply them by filters – creation of custom worksets in the current document and setting them for elements according to apply filters.

    Apply worksets by filters - setting worksets for elements according to apply filters. Only worksets that are in the current configuration and in the current Revit document will be processed.

    When creating and setting worksets, all three buttons process only the checked worksets in the checked groups.

    Import worksets from a text document


    The upper part of the import window contains a field that points to the text document being processed. After opening the file, it will be immediately processed according to the current settings and a preview of the result will be displayed on the right side of the window. You can change the reading settings in the left part of the window and immediately see the result.

    Reading a file provides two processing options:

    Each row contains a list of worksets – when choosing this option, it is assumed that the working sets are written on one line and separated by a specific character, which you can specify in a special field. If there are several such lines in a file, then you can indicate that each line is a separate group.

    Each row contains a workset – when choosing this option, it is assumed that a workset is indicated on each line of the file. At the same time, you can specify that the empty lines in the file are conditional separators of groups, and lines starting with a certain character are the names of groups (with the exception of the character itself).

    When importing worksets into a group, a drop-down list will be displayed at the bottom of the window to select the group whose worksets you want to import. When you import a configuration, the entire group processing result is imported.

    Additional group controls


    When you select a group in the tree on the right side of the window, additional group management tools will appear:

    Add prefix – add prefix to all worksets in the group.

    Add suffix – add suffix to all worksets in the group.

    Sought value replaced by new value – search and replace in the names of the worksets of the current group.

    16 – performance of one of the functions listed above.

    Only process checked worksets – when this check box is checked, the functions listed above will only process checked worksets in the group.

    Check all – check all worksets in the group.

    Uncheck all – uncheck all worksets in the group.

    Inverse – invert checked worksets in a group.

    Setting filters for applying a workset


    When you select a workset in the tree on the right side of the window, application filter settings and additional management tools will appear:

    Filter elements by category – sets the elements for which categories to set the current worset

    17 – opens a category selection dialog:


    At the top of the dialog is a field for searching a category. The search is performed both by the display name of the category and by a unique program name. When you enter an asterisk (*) in the search field, all selected categories will be displayed.

    18 – uncheck all categories.

    AND/OR – indicates the processing option for two filters (by category, by parameters).

    Filter elements by parameters – sets the condition for setting the workset depending on the parameters of the element.


    – opens the dialog for creating filters by parameters:


    The upper part of the dialog contains instructions for using filters.

    19 – add new filter.
    20 – remove selected filter.

    Copy filter settings to all worksets of the current group (all groups) – copies the current settings of the apply filters, respectively, to all worksets of the group or all worksets of all groups in the current configuration

    Files with the file extension .mpif is used to install or update components and plugins in case of lack of access to the internet! ModPlus is installed using the web installer
  • Change history for

    2022 Year

    Revit: Worksets (10.07.2022)

    Added "Collapse All", " Expand All", "Check All" and "Uncheck All" commands.

    Revit: Worksets (21.06.2022)

    Fixed some errors when reading an organization configuration file.

    Revit: Worksets (19.06.2022)

    Added "Workset Processing" command.
    Added the ability to set a common configuration file for an organization (Beta test).

    Revit: Worksets (19.05.2022)

    Change the focus on the work set name input field when adding a work set to a group.
    Creating a new work set in the group by pressing Enter in the work set name entry field.

    Revit: Worksets (06.05.2022)

    Added " Update worksets" command.
    Added an option to disable the id of elements that are assigned to a workset.
    The types of links were added to the elements to be processed.

    Revit: Worksets (05.05.2022)

    Fixed fatal error when trying to edit filters by category or parameters.

    Revit: Worksets (04.05.2022)

    Fixed plugin startup error.

    Revit: Worksets (02.05.2022)

    Service update due to the transfer of some functionality to the working libraries.

    Revit: Worksets (25.02.2022)

    The category "Room separators" was added to the list of categories.

    Revit: Worksets (25.02.2022)

    The category "Reference planes" was added to the list of categories.

    Revit: Worksets (25.02.2022)

    The plugin window is made non-modal (does not block the Revit window).
    Replaced result window.
    In the result window, added the accounting of errors that occur during a transaction commit.
    Fixed a bug that caused element filters not to work with parameters if there were multiple filters.

    Revit: Worksets (22.02.2022)

    Added the ability to drag and drop groups of worksets and worksets in groups.

    2020 Year

    Revit: Worksets (05.09.2020)

    Added skipping of elements from processing that are owned by another user. The IDs of these elements are displayed in the result window.

    Revit: Worksets (12.04.2020)

    Fixed handling of string parameters with an empty value when using filters.
    Fixed display of terms "Not contains" in the display field filters .

    Revit: Worksets (12.04.2020)

    To the filter elements by parameters added the condition "Not contains".

    Revit: Worksets (28.02.2020)

    Added additional check for configurations before creating worksets.
    Added preliminary check of the selected xml file when import.

    Revit: Worksets (01.02.2020)

    Safe execution has been added - if an error occurs when setting the "Workset" parameter for an element, the plugin will not stop working, and elements with an error will be displayed in the result window.

    2019 Year

    Revit: Worksets (25.12.2019)

    Update related to replacement of support library.

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