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Layout manager

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    Pekshev Alexander
    Drawing layout manager displayed in the palette


    About files with the extension .mpif

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    • ModPlus menu
    • ModPlus palette
    • AutoCAD ribbon
    • Command line: _mpLayoutManager


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    When the plugin starts, the layout manager opens in the form of an AutoCAD palette:


    Layouts in the palette can be interchanged by simply dragging and holding the left mouse button.

    The top of the palette contains several buttons:

    1 1 - create a new layout. If in the plugin settings (see below) the Request name when creating a layout option is enabled, a window for specifying a name for a new sheet will be displayed:
    1 4
    1 2 - Launching the standard AutoCAD function - Creating layout from template.
    1 3 - Opens the plugin settings window:

    When right-clicking in a list of layouts on a layout, a context menu appears:


    Open - switch to selected layout

    Delete - delete one or more selected layouts

    Rename - a window will open in which the current layout name is displayed and a field for entering a new layout name:


    Move/Copy - a window for moving/copying the selected layout opens, similar to the standard AutoCAD window:


    Layout settings manager, Print and Export Layout to Model - launch the corresponding AutoCAD functions. For these items to be active, the selected layout must be active.

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