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  • Collection of various plugins for working with polylines

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    • AutoCAD ribbon
    • Command line: _mpPlinesEdit


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    The main window is a list of plugins. Each item in the list displays the plugin icon, plugin name (can be used for invocation from command line), a short and complete description and types of polylines the plugin works with (3D-polyline, 2D-polyline or LW-polyline)

    Add Panel to Ribbon - add/remove the Polyline panel on the ModPlus tab in the AutoCAD ribbon.

    Color of auxiliary geometry: - specifies the color of auxiliary geometry used by some of the plugins during dynamic operation (for example, for the plugin "Dynamically adding a vertex"). Clicking on the colored rectangle will open the standard AutoCAD color selection dialog box.

    mpPl-3Dto2D - Convert 3D polyline to LW

    mpPl-3Dto2D 32x32 mpPl-3Dto2D 16x16 mpPl-3Dto2D 16x16

    Create copies of selected 3D polylines as LW-polylines (2D) with transfer to level 0.0

    Select 3D polylines:
    Select one or more 3D polylines to create 2D copies. Selected polylines will be deleted.

    mpPl-VxMatchRemove - Deleting matching polyline vertices

    mpPl-VxMatchRemove 32x32 mpPl-VxMatchRemove 16x16 mpPl-VxMatchRemove 16x16

    Deleting adjacent vertices of selected polylines that have the same coordinates

    Select polylines:
    Select one or more polylines. The plugin works with all kinds of polyline (3D, 2D, LW)

    mpPl-VxCollin - Removing vertices that lie on a straight line

    mpPl-VxCollin 32x32 mpPl-VxCollin 16x16 mpPl-VxCollin 16x16

    Deleting adjacent vertices of selected polyline, which lie on a straight line. It is possible to set tolerance for deviation from the straight or angular tolerance

    Select polylines or: [Tolerances]:
    Select one or more polylines. The plugin works with all kinds of polyline (3D, 2D, LW)



    In this window you can specify the tolerance for the maximum deviation from the straight and angular tolerance. The default value is 0.0. The plugin works with checking for both conditions (i.e. if at least one condition is suitable, then the vertex will be deleted)

    mpPl-ObjectToVx - Placing an object at the vertices of a polyline

    mpPl-ObjectToVx 32x32 mpPl-ObjectToVx 16x16 mpPl-ObjectToVx 16x16

    Place the selected object in the vertices of the polyline. It is possible to rotate the object along the polyline segment. Blocks can be placed both on the geometric center, and on the insertion point

    Select polyline:
    Select one polyline. The plugin works with a simple ("light") polyline (LW)

    Select an object to place:
    Select any one drawing object

    Next, the plugin settings window appears.:


    Exclude endpoints - exception of the first and last vertices of the polyline

    Copy blocks - option to snap blocks to the vertices of the polyline: at the geometric center or at the insertion point

    Rotate - option to rotate the object at the top of the polyline

    mpPl-Arc2Line - Replacing an arc segment with linear

    mpPl-Arc2Line 32x32 mpPl-Arc2Line 16x16 mpPl-Arc2Line 16x16

    Replacing the specified arc segment of the polyline with a linear one (replacing the arc with a segment). The plugin works with simple ("light") polylines (LW)

    Select an arc segment of the polyline:
    Select a polyline segment that is an arc

    The plugin works cyclically until the user interrupts. When you hover over the arc segment of the polyline, auxiliary geometry for previewing the result is built

    mpPl-Line2Arc - Replacing an linear segment with arc

    mpPl-Line2Arc 32x32 mpPl-Line2Arc 16x16 mpPl-Line2Arc 16x16

    Replacing the specified linear (or arc) segment of the polyline with an arc. It is possible to construct an arc along a tangent or a point on an arc. The plugin works with simple ("light") polylines (LW)

    Select the polyline segment:
    Choosing a polyline segment, both linear and arc

    mpPl-AddVertex - Dynamically adding a vertex

    mpPl-AddVertex 32x32 mpPl-AddVertex 16x16 mpPl-AddVertex 16x16

    Dynamically adding a vertex to the specified polyline. The plugin only works with LW polylines

    Select polyline:
    Select the polyline for which you want to add a vertex (s)

    Specify the point (hold Ctrl to move the vertex forward):
    Indication of a point in space. A new vertex will be added to this point.

    mpPl-Rect3Pt - Drawing a rectangle by three points

    mpPl-Rect3Pt 32x32 mpPl-Rect3Pt 16x16 mpPl-Rect3Pt 16x16

    Drawing a rectangle by three points

    Specify first point:
    Specify the first point of the rectangle

    Specify second point:
    Specify the second point of the rectangle

    Specify third point:
    Specify the third point of the rectangle

    mpPl-NoArc - Removing Arc Segments from a Polyline

    mpPl-NoArc 32x32 mpPl-NoArc 16x16 mpPl-NoArc 16x16

    Remove polyline arc segments by replacing them with linear segments. There are several options for the plugin: the number of segments, the length of segments, the height of segments (chord deviation), the length of the chord


    Work option - The choice of work option. At the same time, the prompt picture will change on the right side, and at the bottom of the picture explanation

    Delete selected polylines - Removing the source polyline. When the plugin works, a new polyline is created

    Min. machined arc radius - Setting the minimum arc radius to be processed by the plugin

    Accept - Go to polyline selection:

    Select polylines:
    Select one or more polylines in which you want to delete arc segments

    Cancel - Cancel plugin

    mpPl-MiddleLine - Building the middle line

    mpPl-MiddleLine 32x32 mpPl-MiddleLine 16x16 mpPl-MiddleLine 16x16

    The construction of a middle line (as polyline) between two specified curves (segments, polylines or splines)

    Select first support element (line, polyline or spline):
    Selection of the first support element

    Select second support element (line, polyline or spline):
    The choice of the second support element

    Number of control points <100>:
    Indication of the number of control points. The larger the quantity, the more accurate the midline. Possible values ​​from 2 to 1000 points

  • Change history for

    2022 Year

    AutoCAD: Polylines (14.11.2022)

    Removed the message from the command line that the ModPlus tab was not found, which appeared when loading the plugin before building a tab on the ribbon.

    2021 Year

    AutoCAD: Polylines (21.11.2021)

    Request data from the user once when processing multiple polylines with the delete arc segments command.

    2020 Year

    2019 Year

    AutoCAD: Polylines (21.11.2019)

    Fixed problem with changing localization in the main window of the plugin when change the language.

    2018 Year

    AutoCAD: Polylines (04.11.2018)

    ModPlusStyle styling.
    Fixed a fatal error while loading AutoCAD 2013-2015 when you add a panel to the ribbon.

    AutoCAD: Polylines (18.06.2018)

    Replacement of the main icons of the function with the addition of icons for the dark AutoCAD ribbon design theme.

    2016 Year

    AutoCAD: Полилинии (03.09.2016)

    Changed the mechanism of the construction of the middle line.

    AutoCAD: Полилинии (22.06.2016)

    Fixed problem entering the distance from the second to the third point in the function the Rectangle by three points.

    AutoCAD: Полилинии (19.04.2016)

    Added new feature Build the middle line.
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