Product position


Product position

It's a free plugin!

  • Plugin adds/removes a position to the selected products and allows position marking of the item

    Call options

    • ModPlus menu
    • ModPlus palette
    • AutoCAD ribbon
    • Command line: _mpPrPosition


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    Select entities that are ModPlus products: [Delete]
    You should select objects (entities and/or blocks) that are ModPlus products (i.e., having advanced data) or mode Delete. Plugin will process objects containing special advanced data. Further, the plugin will work cyclically, sorting and highlighting objects. In objects that already contain a position, the position will be added automatically


    Element: ... Specify position:
    You must specify the item position. The position value will be added to the extended data of the object.

    Select the type of marking for the product: ... Position: ... [Nothing/Text/Multileader]:
    Please indicate the branding option for the product.:

    Nothing - mark not put

    Text - mark is inserted as a single line text in the geometric middle of the block

    Multileader - mark is put in the form of a multileader

    Delete - removal of item position block from extended data

    Context menu: Multileader with mark

    Plugin adds to the context menu to the objects related to ModPlus products (i.e. having advanced data), the item МР:Multileader with mark:


    When this item is selected, a multileader will be created with the brand value of the selected product:


  • Change history for

    2022 Year

    2021 Year

    AutoCAD: Product position (17.02.2021)

    Fixed a bug that occurred when reading data from a product without position.

    AutoCAD: Product position (06.01.2021)

    Support for updated databases with an optimized codebase.

    2020 Year

    2018 Year

    AutoCAD: Product position (25.11.2018)

    Changes in the contextual menu.

    AutoCAD: Product position (06.11.2018)

    Replacement of main function icons adding icons for dark themes the AutoCAD ribbon.

    2017 Year

    AutoCAD: Product position (18.04.2017)

    Added processing by function (add / delete positions and mark mark) primitives with extended product/material data.
    Some bugs fixed.

    2015 Year

    AutoCAD: Product position (03.07.2015)

    Update to the new principle of storing data in the database.
    Various bug fixes.
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