Organization settings

The organization settings allow you to override user settings or set specific behavior. The organization settings apply to different zones - to general ModPlus settings or to plugin settings.

The organization settings are an xml file with a specific structure:


  • ModPlus - the root node of the xml file.
  • Node - the configuration zone node. In most cases, the node is named by the unique name of the plugin. Only the zones described later in the help are allowed.
  • Property - the property node. Only the properties described later in the help are allowed.
  • Value - the value of the property. Values must be within the allowable values described later in the help.

Only required zones can be added to the settings file. Settings for zones are taken into account only if they are present and filled correctly.

Xml file must be saved as orgConfig.mpcf and located in user settings storage folder %appdata%\ModPlus Data\UserData (full path is %appdata%\ModPlus Data\UserData\orgConfig.mpcf). The settings file can be copied and updated by the organization's system administrators.

Organization settings file is used by the program only for reading.

Data from the organization settings file is read when it is directly accessed (for example, when the plugin is run), which allows it to be updated without closing the supported product (AutoCAD, Revit, etc.).

Allowable zone options and settings for their behavior are added on request!

The actual template of the organization settings file - open.

Allowed nodes of the settings file

License server settings

The License Server settings allow you to set the address of the LAN License Server or a unique key of the Web License Server, as well as to specify which server is active.

The zone node must be named – LicenseServer.

The settings for the LAN License Server consist of three properties:

Property Description Valid values
IsLocalLicenseServerEnable Whether this license server is active True, False
LocalLicenseServerIpAddress IP address of the license server Not checked
LocalLicenseServerPort License server port Integer from 0 to 65535

The settings for the Web License Server consist of two properties:

Property Description Valid values
IsWebLicenseServerEnable Whether this license server is active True, False
WebLicenseServerGuid Unique license server key String convertible to GUID

It is sufficient to add to the node the settings of only the license server which is used in the organization.

In the case of the Web License Server, the email for user identification is not specified by the organization settings!

Example of LAN License Server settings:




Example of the Web License Server settings:




Revit. Worksets

The organization settings for the Worksets plugin allows to override the path to the configuration storage file. By default, user configuration settings are stored in %appdata%\ModPlus Data\UserData\Worksets.xml file.

The node should be named - mprWorksets.

The settings consist of one property - ConfigurationFile - in the value of which the path to the configuration storage file is specified. The path must point to the existing configuration storage file, which can even be empty (you can create an empty text file and change the extension from .txt to .xml).

If specifying the path to a configuration file stored on a network drive on the local network, the path must be in UNC format!

Example of settings:


An example of plugin window with these settings:


It is possible to differentiate access to the configuration file using Active Directory service. If a user has no access to edit a configuration file, he will be notified accordingly in the plugin window, and all configuration editing functionality will be disabled. That is, the configuration file will be read-only.

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