1000 users

Published: 08 September 2016


Congratulations to the user by name Алексей (login Alessis)! It becomes the 1000th registered user and receives a constant discount of 100% on all paid parts of the plugin!

And I congratulate myself and my project, which scored 1000 users, without using any advertising !!!


Plugin installation and binding, purchase of functions

Published: 03 September 2016

Many thanks to Maxim, which has once again confirmed that it is not in vain received a discount of 100% =)
Meet - a video, which tells about installing the plug-in, about binding the plug-in and about buying features. A look from the user, which I will safely put in the instructions!


Frequently used blocks

Published: 29 August 2016

Hi, dear users of the plugin! Somehow in one of the news i wrote about mini-functions - those. small functions that are included in the plug-in itself and do not require additional installation. And finally I finished the second such function - "Frequently used blocks". The idea of the function is to quickly and conveniently insert a block, which is often used in many projects. Such blocks are usually stored in separate files

The video example inserts a side marker block for the stamp and the block with the signatures. In general - see the video - everything is simple there


We are already 900

Published: 24 June 2016


Today, a 900-th user registered on the site! We congratulate him and myself! =))

User with name Александр (login - KamradLM) receives a constant discount of 50%!


New function: Specifications

Published: 13 June 2016

That's the release of the long-awaited feature - Specifications! One of the most complex and time-consuming functions, therefore, it has been written for so long. Information is not yet available, and it is not very necessary - everything was as intuitive as possible!
This is the very first version of the function that has not passed the proper test - I hope you understand that there may be mistakes and that not all of my ideas are implemented in it. Although - all the most important in it is present.
In general - fewer words - the video shows everything! Try, test, leave feedback and suggestions!


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