Layer breaking


Layer breaking

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  • Breaking multilayer walls and floors into separate elements


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    Walls of the current file - displays the number of selected walls in the current file

    Walls from linked files - displays the number of selected walls from linked files

    3 - select walls in the current file or select walls in a linked file. If the walls were previously selected in the view, when you click the button, they will be processed and their count will be displayed in one of the above lines. If no elements are selected or there are no multilayer walls among the selected ones, the plugin will go into element selection mode and the walls will have to be selected
    4 - clear wall list

    Break option - selects a breaking option:

    • layered - each layer of the original wall will be created as one new wall
    • by core edge - a three-layer wall will be created, where the layer above wrap will contain all layers above wrap of the original wall, the core layer will contain all layers of the original wall core, the layer below wrap will contain all layers below warp of the original wall. Accordingly, the wall may be created as a double-layer or single-layer wall, depending on the layers of the original wall

    When creating new walls, the types for them are selected from the existing ones in the project (check by thickness, material and function) or are created. The name of the types being created is determined by the material name and the layer width.

    Variant of inserts restore - selection of the inserts reconstruction option. Inserts include openings and families in the "Windows", "Doors" categories. The procedure for selecting the target layer for restoring inserts is described in the plugin window.

    Pin created walls - if checked, the created walls will automatically be pinned.

    When breaking walls with an edited profile, in case the top of the wall is located above the level specified in the Top Constraint parameter, the created walls do not have a top constraint.

    Original wall:


    Created wall after breaking:




    The settings for floors are similar to those for walls.

    Let's look at an example of a wall breaking:


    Select the wall, select the breakdown option - in layers and click the Break selected walls button.

    Consider what types have been selected for the new walls.

    The project already has a wall type in which the thickness, material and function of the layer coincide with the same parameters of the new wall. So the new wall is created with the following type:


    For the other layers there are no suitable wall types in the project, so new ones have been created:


  • Change history for

    2024 Year

    Revit: Layer breaking (24.05.2024)

    Fixed errors occurring with the "By core edge" break option.

    Revit: Layer breaking (15.05.2024)

    The top constraint of the created walls is not set if the profile of the original wall was above the level of the original wall.

    2023 Year

    Revit: Layer breaking (10.10.2023)

    Fixed a bug where the connection of created walls was not performed.

    Revit: Layer breaking (18.02.2023)

    Fixed "Floor type is not valid for this floor" error that occurs in some cases when breaking up the floor.

    Revit: Layer breaking (08.01.2023)

    Changed icons.
    Added command access settings on the ribbon.

    2022 Year

    Revit: Layer breaking (24.05.2022)

    Edits were made to the methods of reconstructing openings and connecting the created parallel walls, taking into account cases where the original wall has a curtain wall that completely cuts the wall.

    Revit: Layer breaking (01.04.2022)

    Fixed some bugs that occur when breaking walls by core boundary in Revit versions older than 2022.

    Revit: Layer breaking (14.03.2022)

    Fixed a bug in handling types that have identical layers in Revit 2017-2022.

    Revit: Layer breaking (14.03.2022)

    Fixed the cause of "Provided floor type does not match internal type" error in some files.

    Revit: Layer breaking (25.01.2022)

    Fixed "Sequence does not contain a corresponding element" error that occurs when breaking by core edges in Revit versions earlier than 2022.

    Revit: Layer breaking (23.01.2022)

    Fixed a bug in deleting a source wall containing only core layers when breaking by core edges.
    Fixed a bug in determining the order of layers for some walls in Revit versions below 2022.
    Corrected a bug with incorrect placement of created walls when the default wall line snap is not in the center of the wall.

    Revit: Layer breaking (21.01.2022)

    Fixed an error in processing non-attached walls.

    Revit: Layer breaking (21.01.2022)

    Added copying properties of "Top offset " and "Base offset " parameters for walls.
    Fixed an error in copying of inserts parameters.
    Fixed an error that did not delete auxiliary types.
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