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Floor by Room

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  • Creating floors by contour of the rooms
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    The plugin performs the creation of Floors. Can choose how to define the rooms for the Floor construction: automatically or manually. And it is also possible to filter the rooms depending on the value of the parameters.


    The plugin can only be used on a plan. If it runs on a view that is not a plan, a message will be displayed:



    The plugin dialog window:


    It is necessary to press plus. A configuration is added to create the floor. There can be several such configurations. To delete a configuration, press close (red).


    Badge alert (red) shows that the Floor type is not set and the configuration cannot be processed.

    It is possible to use the Element filter playlist edit to select the rooms.

    In the Floor Type setting, choose an floor type from the drop-down list, which contains all the existing floor types in the project:


    Height offset from Level allows you to offset the floor relative to the level. The value can be either positive or negative.

    Height offset from Level 0 mm:



    Height offset from Level -250 mm:



    The last property allows you to specify the options for placing the floor contour into the doorways. The following options are available from the drop-down list:

    • Do not lead Floor contour into door openings
    • Lead the contour to the middle of the wall
    • Lead the contour to the full of the wall
    • Lead the contour to the specified value, mm


    Making a floor with different settings using a small apartment as an example:


    If select Do not lead Floor contour into door openings, the floor is built strictly on the contour of the room, so the doorways in the room will remain unfilled:



    If select Lead the contour to the middle of the wall, the floor will be making to the middle of the wall in the doorways:



    If select Lead the contour to the full of the wall, then the floor will be made full wall thickness in the doorways:


    If adjacent rooms are selected to create a floor that share a doorway ("Living Room" and "Entrance Hall"), the creation will be done, but the created Floors will overlap and a warning will be displayed:



    If select Lead the contour to the specified value, mm, you can specify how much the floor will be brought to the doorway:



    To create a floor in the "Kitchen" and "Entrance Hall" rooms, if there is a floor in the "Living Room" room with the contour in the doorway by 200 mm, it is recommended to use Lead the contour to the specified value, mm or Do not lead Floor contour into door openings, since in other variants the floors will be built, but will overlap.

    When build a floor in the "Entrance Hall" room with the setting Lead the contour to the specified value, mm and the value of 100 mm, it will not overlap with the already existing one:




    When click the Create button, there are three options for creating a floor:

    • By Rooms on View
    • By picked Rooms
    • Be pre-selected Rooms (number of rooms)


    The option By Rooms on View will allow applying the marked configurations to all rooms on the active view. The floor will be built on the contours of all rooms that are on the plan.

    The option By selected rooms will allow you to apply the marked configurations only to those rooms that we will select ourselves. Next, you must select the rooms in which you want to build the floor. After selecting the rooms, to complete the construction you must click "Finish"

    The option Be pre-selected Rooms. To be able to select this variant, select the rooms before running the plugin.


    It is possible to create more than one floor configuration, allowing you to create a multi-layered floor pie:


    This configuration will result in a floor that consists of several layers. Each layer is a separate element. If the offset is correctly specified, the floor will be built over the floor slab.


    When building a multilayer floor, for a layer you must specify an offset from the level equal to the sum of the thicknesses of the previous layers and the thickness of the current layer, as the thickness of the layer is set aside down.

    When creating a floor below the level, a value with a negative sign should be specified. 

  • Change history for

    2023 Year

    Revit: Floor by Room (15.01.2023)

    Added possibility to copy parameter values from rooms to created floors.
    Changed icons.
    Added command access settings on the ribbon.

    2022 Year

    Revit: Floor by Room (07.11.2022)

    Added possibility to set an offset from the Floor thickness.
    Added ability to move configurations in the list.
    Added processing of Curtain Walls.
    Improved the algorithm for creating floor leads in doorways, taking into account openings placed on the wall end and balcony blocks.
    Fixed "The referenced object is not valid, possibly because it has been deleted from the database, or its creation was undone" in Revit 2019.

    Revit: Floor by Room (13.09.2022)

    Fixed "Method not found" error.

    Revit: Floor by Room (10.09.2022)

    Added possibility to lead the floor contour into the door openings by the whole width of the wall, or by a specified value.
    Improved algorithms for the analysis and processing of openings.

    Revit: Floor by Room (09.09.2022)

    Fixed an error that the list of Floor type was not filled in when restarting.

    Revit: Floor by Room (08.09.2022)

    Added possibility to process selected and preselected Rooms.
    The plugin work is not interrupted now when an error occurs while processing a Room boundary.
    Fixed an error that the list of types did not change when running the plugin in different documents.
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