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Sheet export

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  • Export (print) selected sheets to PDF, DWG, etc. with automatic sheet format detection
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    The plugin can process all open files, as well as non-unloaded linked files. If more than one file is open or there are non-unloaded linked files, the launch setup window appears, where you can specify which files to process:


    Plugin window consists of 3 main areas: sheet selection tables for files, export settings bar and status bar:


    When you start the plugin, it automatically detects print formats for sheets (size in printer) according to the size of the Title Block, and initializes the PDF printer. If the sheet print format will be matched to the nearest print format, or the sheet print format will not be matched, the corresponding notification will be displayed in the first column.

    If there is more than one Title Block on the sheet, the sheet will be divided into several sheets in the sheet tree, with a suffix added through a slash. In this case, the tree will display the print format that is matched to the Title Block.

    Important: If there are several Title Blocks on one sheet, or any other graphics outside the boundaries of the Title Block, the total size of the describing rectangle must have the size allowed for printing. For example, if the sheet has two Title Blocks in A4 format, then the print size of this sheet will be A3. The maximum allowable size is A0x3 1189 mm x 2523 mm or 2523 mm x 1189 mm.

    If Center in column 3 is checked, then centering will be performed when printing to PDF. The effect of centering will be evident only if the print format of the sheet is selected to the nearest print format (i.e. the dimensions of the sheet are smaller than the dimensions of the sheet in the resulting PDF file).

    The export setup bar contains the path to the export directory, switches to select the export format, a button to start the export, and a button to close the plugin. 

    The mPDF (merge PDF) export format allows you to merge exported pdf files into one. It is not necessary to activate the PDF switch.

    Important: The merge is performed for the exported pdf files within the same folder.

    The status bar contains information about the number of sheets in the current document, the number of sheets selected for export, the number of sheets whose format is undefined, the number of sheets whose format is fitted, and the name of the PDF printer.

    At the top right of the window is a slide-out tab with settings:


    Export directory - the path to the directory where the sheets will be exported. This option is duplicated in the export settings line.

    Also in this group are the options to create subfolders by document name, by export format type, and by sheet group name. The order of the options corresponds to the order in which the folders are created. For example, if you enable the first two options (by document name and by export format type), a folder with the project name will be created in the export directory, and a folder with the export format name (PDF, DWG, etc.) will be created inside it.

    If the option to create folders by sheet group names is enabled, the group names will be added to the name of the merged pdf file when exporting to the merged PDF.

    PDF export settings contain the following options:

    Printer Name - drop-down list of installed printers, where you must select the printer to export (print) to PDF. To the right of the list displays a message about the support status of the selected printer.

    Colors - one of the three export options:

    • Color: All colors in the project are maintained and printed, provided the printer supports colors.
    • Black Lines: All text, non-white lines, pattern lines, and edges print in black. All raster images and solid patterns print in grayscale.
    • Grayscale: All colors, text, images, and lines are printed in grayscale.
    • B&W with exclusion: printing is performed with the color option, and then converting the pdf file to black-and-white (monochrome) format, excluding certain colors from processing. This method makes it possible, for example, to print monochrome drawings with color signatures in the Title Block. To edit the excluded colors, click the palette button:

    Print type - vector or raster processing. Read more.

    DWG/DXF export settings contain the following options:

    Export Setups - drop-down list of export options for the current document. Learn more about export settings.

    Delete *.pcp files - files with the *.pcp extension created when exporting to DWG will be deleted in the export directory.

    File name generation allows you to customize the names of the imported files. The group contains a text field for specifying the file name mask. The mask may contain parameters of the sheet to be exported - for this purpose it is necessary to write the name of the parameter in angle brackets.

    Below the File name mask text field there is a drop-down list of the sheet parameters, where you can quickly add a parameter to the file name mask by clicking the Add button.

    If file name mask is left blank, files will be exported with standard names, which depend on the format in which the export is made.

    It is also possible to set a limit on the number of characters in the file name by checking the appropriate checkbox.

    When you close the settings tab, the specified settings are checked and the selected printer is initialized. If a printer is selected for the first time, the necessary printer settings will be made, including the addition of print formats. In this case, the plugin may hang up briefly.

    Errors may occur while configuring the printer. In this case, it is recommended that you restart Revit and restart the plugin.

    Supported PDF printers


    When exporting (printing) to PDF, it is acceptable to add a watermark to a sheet. To add a watermark, use Organization Settings.

    Files with the file extension .mpif is used to install or update components and plugins in case of lack of access to the internet! ModPlus is installed using the web installer
  • Change history for

    2023 Year

    Revit: Sheet export (26.01.2023)

    Fixed an error that incorrectly detected the width of the selected print format.

    Revit: Sheet export (24.01.2023)

    Added the ability to select the algorithm for determining the print format.

    Revit: Sheet export (21.01.2023)

    Vector and raster processing were swapped places. Fixed by.

    Revit: Sheet export (20.01.2023)

    Index of the Title Block added to the pdf file name when printing several Title Blocks from one sheet is added to the end of the file name.
    Correct sorting of sheets.

    Revit: Sheet export (20.01.2023)

    Added launch setup.
    Fixed bug of incorrect determination of the size of the Title Block in some files.
    Fixed a bug in processing Workshared files.
    Fixed a bug that would cancel the export process by pressing the "No" button.
    Fixed "Folder not empty" error when merging pdf files.

    Revit: Sheet export (19.01.2023)

    Using print sets to select sheets.
    Creating subfolders in an export folder.
    Merging pdf files.
    Print from multiple open files.
    Print from linked files.
    Printing in pdfs along the outline of the Title Block.
    Print to multiple pdf files from a single sheet (along the outline of the Title Blocks).
    Monochrome pdf printing with color exclusion.
    Selecting colors for each sheet.
    Do not close Views that were open before starting the export.
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