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  • Plugin of inserting AutoCAD tables into the drawing according to GOST/DSTU/STB or from the specified file
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    Call options

    • ModPlus menu
    • ModPlus palette
    • AutoCAD ribbon
    • Command line: _mpTables


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    ModPlus tables


    Normative documents for: - drop-down list for selecting a country, according to the norms of which lists of tables and normative documents will be filled.

    Weed of normative document - a drop-down list for selecting a filtering option, according to which a table selection list will be filled.

    5 - allows you to add/remove a table from your favorites list

    Normative document - field that displays the name of the normative document containing the selected table.

    Description - contains a description of the location of the table in the normative document.

    Below is the field for previewing the selected table. The image can be dragged and scaled using the mouse wheel.
    In the corners of the field are located radio buttons that determine the point of reference of the table when it is inserted into the drawing.

    The group Table settings contains the following settings:

    Text height - specifies the height of the text in the lines. Ignores the height in the title and header of the table.

    Row height - set rows height. Ignores the height in the title and header of the table.

    Text style - drop-down list containing all the text styles in the drawing. The text style applies to the entire table

    Tables from file


    File - the output field of the path to the file from which you want to insert the table. This value is saved in the configuration file

    2.1 - clear the path to the file (clear the field File)
    2.2 - specify the path to the file

    Tables from file - list of tables (table styles) in the specified file.

    Inserting a table with Top-left/Bottom-left/Top-right/Bottom-right - the table anchor point when it is inserted into the drawing.

    Table scale - drop-down list of annotation scales contained in the drawing.

    Layer - drop-down list of layers contained in the drawing.

    Dynamic row insertion - enable/disable the ability to dynamically insert rows (see below)

    Insert - go to AutoCAD to insert a table:
    Insertion point:
    Specifying the insertion point.


    Specify second point: (When Dynamic row insertion is on)
    Specify a point. The number of rows of the inserted table will change


  • Change history for

    2021 Year

    AutoCAD: Tables (25.09.2021)

    Tables according to GOST R 21.1101-2013 are replaced by tables according to GOST R 21.101-2020

    2020 Year

    AutoCAD: Tables (04.05.2020)

    Added the ability to mark a table flag "is favorite" and use the corresponding filter
    Added the ability to specify the layer for the created table
    General settings for tables from the plugin and tables from the specified file moved in the lower part of the window
    Fixed bug when reading a table from a file that is open in AutoCAD
    Fixed insert tables, if the layer "0" is locked

    2019 Year

    AutoCAD: Tables (18.07.2019)

    Fixed problem adding not valid (empty name) text style to the list of text styles

    AutoCAD: Tables (07.01.2019)

    Pan the preview images is changed with the mouse wheel to left mouse button
    When the table is selected in the list the scale of the preview image is reset
    Changed the display of preview images
    Added a new tables (form 1 – form 10) according to GOST 21.613-2014

    2018 Year

    AutoCAD: Tables (21.11.2018)

    Fixed a fatal error when selecting the binding in AutoCAD 2013-2015
    Fixed a bug with setting the height of rows and the height of text when scale is not 1:1

    AutoCAD: Tables (30.08.2018)

    Corrected column heading in the table according to form 1 GOST 21.508-93
    Fixed bug when inserting the table in form 13 GOST 21.1101-2013

    AutoCAD: Tables (12.06.2018)

    Replacement of the main icons of the function with the addition of icons for the dark AutoCAD ribbon design theme

    2017 Year

    AutoCAD: Tables (30.10.2017)

    A typo in the table according to form 3 of GOST 21.508-93 has been fixed

    AutoCAD: Tables (24.04.2017)

    Storage of base tables moved to one file.
    Added table according to GOST 21.111-84 Form 1 "Statement of the volume of construction and installation works"
    Updated current versions of regulatory documents clarified.
    Added "side stamps" in accordance with GOST 21.608-2014 Forms 4 and 5
    Small changes in the design of the window function

    AutoCAD: Tables (16.02.2017)

    Added ability to select the source database tables depending on the country
    Added tables to documents: DSTU B A. 2.4-4:2009 for Ukraine and STB 2255-2012 for Belarus
    Reworked the internal working methods of the function with the database table
    Dwg files of the tables, divided according to countries
    Removed the button "minimize the window"
    Fixed some bugs

    2016 Year

    AutoCAD: Tables (17.08.2016)

    Fixed small error in the code

    AutoCAD: Tables (28.04.2016)

    Fixed a bug that caused cleaning the cell text Height and the Height of the lines in the program window the first time you use the function

    AutoCAD: Tables (05.04.2016)

    Removed option "Dynamic rendering of a table when inserting"
    Fixed problem with fatal error when inserting tables in some files (mostly AutoCad 2016)

    AutoCAD: Tables (22.02.2016)

    Fixed binding the table to the insertion point in the "drawing cursor"

    AutoCAD: Tables (14.02.2016)

    Added the ability to insert tables without drawing the cursor in the process of specifying the insertion point

    2015 Year

    AutoCAD: Tables (11.11.2015)

    When inserting tables sometimes there is a fatal error in AutoCad. In this regard, the code for inserting tables in the drawing has been redone
    Added a new table (11 pieces) according to GOST 21.701-2013 "ASAP. Rules of execution of working documentation for roads"
    Added the ability to zoom and pan the image preview of tables
    Replaced all image preview tables
    Added display of the document title in the window functions

    AutoCAD: Tables (22.06.2015)

    Added the ability to delete a file path to insert table from a file
    Fixed bug when insert some tables
    Various small changes

    AutoCAD: Tables (26.05.2015)

    Fixed problem rewriting the text style MpTxtStyle when you insert a table

    AutoCAD: Tables (26.05.2015)

    Removed regeneration after inserting the table
    Improved application properties to the inserted table
    Small changes in the design window

    AutoCAD: Tables (29.03.2015)

    Modified GOST R 21.1101-2009, GOST R 21.1101-2013
    Added table according to GOST 21.602-2003 (Forms 1,2,3,4)
    A variety of related fixes in the code

    AutoCAD: Tables (27.02.2015)

    Fixed bug not allowing to copy tables from resource programs to drive user

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