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Revit Context Filter: AND/OR Condition and Exclude elements from Selection

Today's update of the recently released context filter contains new features that users have requested. You can immediately notice them in the screenshot:


Firstly, the AND/OR condition, which you may notice at the top of the third list. If the OR condition is selected, then all elements that match at least one parameter value are processed. But if the condition is AND, then only those elements that have all the parameter values ​​within the category from the third list are processed.

Secondly, one more action is added: to exclude checked elements that match the filter condition from the current selection. This action is available only if elements were selected when the filter was started. Which is logical.

Thirdly, one more additional check is added before starting the filter: that the current Revit window to which the filter belongs is active. This fixes filter run problems with multiple open copies of Revit, one after the other. But at the same time it imposes some limitations. For example, if you click on something in the properties palette, then the Revit window itself becomes inactive, and to call the filter, you must first click on the mouse in the active view. I think you can get used to it.

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

ModPlus ESKD. Waterproofing and angle of rotation of the text of the straight axis

A new smart object has been added to the ESKD plugin - waterproofing. Or rather it will be said - a line denoting waterproofing.


The refactoring and optimization carried out a little earlier allowed me to create a new linear object in just one day! And this is definitely good news! Linear smart objects can now be created quickly enough, since they all have the same foundation and the same work with grips. The main job is to write content rendering algorithms.

Also today’s plugin update has affected the Straight Axis: a new property has been added: Text rotation angle. If you work with UCS, then it will definitely come in handy!


Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

Revit. Walls Reinforcement: horizontal tied stirrups

Today's update of the Walls Reinforcement plugin opens a new stage in the development of reinforcement plugins – the use of tie stirrups. Both in this plugin and in subsequent ones.

Now there is a new group in the wall reinforcement settings:

3 en

Since the stirrups are mainly used for reinforcing pylons, options were provided for determining pylons from the list of processed walls: we assume that these are walls that do not have end intersections and that they have a length of no more than specified. You can also enable or disable creating horizontal bars and specify the number of pairs of vertical bars to cover.

It is also worth noting that this functionality already uses hooks. If the stirrups are created entirely from the sketch, then the tie stirrups are created from four segments in the sketch and by adding hooks with an angle of 135 degrees. Accordingly, if there are no hooks in the project, the yoke will be created simply without them.

The example settings on the first screenshot (these are standard settings) give this result:



Try it, test it, and let me know what you need to improve.

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Revit. Context Filter: three launch options

The first release of the Context Filter plugin was released yesterday, and today it has become obvious what is wrong with it. Using a combination of the Ctrl key pressed with a left-click is not the best solution.

Today I am correcting this mistake. And I’m not just fixing it, but giving users the opportunity to configure one of three (!) Filter launch options themselves:

mprContextFilterShowOptions en

Now you can use the old version with Ctrl and mouse, use the key sequence (this option will be selected by default) or use the keyboard shortcut. As your heart desires!

And this plugin already has other ideas for expanding the functionality. But this is already in the future.

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New plugin for Revit: Context filter

The task of creating a plugin for filtering has been before me for a long time. But I was not in a hurry, because I did not want to repeat everything that has already been done by others, but in a different wrapper. I wanted to come up with something special. And finally, today I’m glad to present you an experimental development

Context filter

I did not just call the plugin experimental development - it was made not according to the standard features of the Revit API. To use it, you do not need to look for a button on the ribbon every time! You just need to click the left mouse button while holding down the Ctrl key. Have you seen anything like this?

And in order not to be verbose, according to tradition, I present to your attention a demonstration:

I am sure that an engineer of any specialty will find the use of a filter in his work!

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!