Installation in the %appdata%\ModPlus directory

From now on, we strongly recommend installing ModPlus in the %appdata% directory. To a directory like C:\Users\{USERNAME}\AppData\Roaming, where USERNAME is the name of the current user. You can always get into this directory by simply typing %appdata% in the address bar of the explorer and pressing Enter


Why is this desirable? ModPlus is a live project that is constantly being updated. Of course, this does not always happen successfully and it happens that we release something with bugs, but all the same constant updates are a sign that we are constantly improving, adding, updating. Therefore, ModPlus must be installed in the directory where the program will have full write access. Even if you are the only user of the system and are an administrator, then the installation, for example, in C:\Program Files will still require administrator confirmation, which means ModPlus will not be able to update. Therefore, the %appdata% directory is the best choice.

Of course, this is not a mandatory requirement, and you have the right to use a directory convenient for you for installation. However, two updates were released today, taking into account our recommendation:


When starting the configurator, if ModPlus is installed in a directory other than the recommended directory, a message will pop up:


This message does not interfere with operation, does not close manually, but closes automatically after a few seconds

Web installer

Firstly, during the first installation, the recommended directory will be automatically selected and a message will appear that it is desirable to install into it.

Secondly, if you want to move the installed ModPlus to the recommended directory, then we have added special functionality for this:


Accordingly, if ModPlus is already installed in the %appdata%\ModPlus directory, then the transfer button will not be there.

P.S. The %appdata%\ModPlus directory was already used to store user data and other configurations. This data will now be stored in the %appdata%\ModPlus Data directory. All data is migrated automatically when starting the auto-update module version and higher or when starting the web installer.

Revit. Context filter: move, dynamic selection and system types

New features of the plugin Context filter that you shouldn't miss:

ContextFilterSystemType en


The filter is not a windowed application, and when called, it appears taking into account the position of the cursor. The filter can now be moved around the screen. You can move it by "grabbing" for any flooded space not occupied by elements. But we also added a special field with an icon, next to the close button, by which you can always grab and move the filter.

Dynamic selection

There is now a Dynamic selection checkbox above the category tree under the search. If you enable this checkbox, then when you select positions in the tree, the corresponding elements in the model will be selected. If a category is selected, then all elements of the category will be selected, if a parameter value is selected, then all elements with this value. In the tree, you can notice an increased indentation to the left of the check-boxes - the indent is added to allow you to select a position in the tree, since when you click on the check-box, the position itself is not selected.

System types

The system element types of this category are now indicated in the list of categories in brackets. System types participate in the grouping of categories. For example, you have reinforcing bars (system type Rebar) of the category "Structural reinforcement" in your model and ifc family (system type FamilyInstance) of the same category - they will now be split in the tree.

Write us your feedback and suggestions! We always try to accommodate all your wishes!

Revit: Fix family types duplicates

Recently, when testing ModPlus, one of the organizations asked me the question "Is there a plugin for replacing duplicate types in families?" After the discussion, I learned that somehow in the project not only duplicate families can appear, but also duplicate types of families. Most likely these are rare cases and they occur only under certain operating conditions. And these are the conditions in this organization.

Well, since we already have a plugin that performs a roughly similar task - replaces duplicate families - it was decided to extend it as well. And now the Fix families duplicates plugin can also replace the types of families. It can be used, in principle, not only for replacing duplicates, but also simply for mass replacement of standard types.

I didn't make a video, so I am attaching a screenshot of the new functionality. I am sure that the screenshot is enough to understand how the plugin is configured and works!


Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

New Plugin for Revit: Copy parameters

Meet the new plugin for Revit - Copy Parameters!

This plugin will allow you to copy parameter values ​​in various ways: within an element, from one element to several, or from a host element to child elements.

You can copy a value from one source parameter to one target parameter, or from multiple source parameters to one target parameter.

And for a more accurate selection of processed elements, we have provided filters by category and by parameters.

By tradition, we have prepared a short video demonstrating how the plugin works:

We are sure that this plugin will definitely come in handy in your work! And thanks to your feedback and comments, we will make it even better!

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

New plugin for Renga: Levels

It is almost impossible to create plugins for Renga at the moment, since Renga's API is rather poor. But sometimes, not without the help of our users, we manage to do it. And today we are pleased to present you a new small plugin created at the request of users - Levels.

This plugin is designed to simplify the work with levels, or rather, with objects belonging to the levels, and allows to invert their visibility, isolate them or select them.

By tradition - a small video demonstrating everything described:

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!