ModPlus ESKD. Weld joint, Secant nodal leader, and hiding background for text

As we wrote last time - this year we will try to devote more time to the ModPlus ESKD plugin, and today we are glad to present you the new plugin features.

New Smart Object - Weld joint


Works according to all the same principles as all other linear objects.

New Smart Object - Secant nodal leader


The object is similar in almost all its properties to the Node leader, added in the last update, which allowed us to create it rather quickly.

By the way, we added three significant changes to the Nodal leader:

- for a nodal leader of a round type, we changed the construction principle to a more logical one - a circle is drawn, passing through a frame point:


Pay attention to this if you used a round type nodal leader - in your drawings, the graphics will change at the leader. Not a nice moment, but the change is worth it!

- added the property "Text is always horizontal", which allows you to put the shelf with text in a horizontal position, regardless of the rotation of the nodal leader:


- added value editor by double click. This is most likely not a new feature, but a fix for our oversight.

And finally, a nice change that was suggested to us in the Telegram group - now all smart objects with text have the ability to hide the background:


The background is hidden by adding masking along the text outline with the specified offset. If you turn on masking, do not forget to set the WIPEOUTFRAME system variable to a suitable value!

We also fixed a couple of bugs, some of which are described in the Change story.

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!


No software is complete without errors. And the main problem of errors is that they often appear in some specific conditions, which we simply cannot foresee at the testing stage.

To solve such problems, it is important that you write us the details, describe the problems. And also to write wishes and suggestions, or just nice words. But we also understand that you don't want to waste your time looking for contacts, going to your email program, and writing a letter. Therefore, we added to ModPlus what was missing for a long time - a feedback form!


You can open it directly from AutoCAD, Revit, Renga or the Configurator, and quickly write to us whatever you think of us. And even get an answer from us!

Let's talk!

Configuring news display and logout from all devices

Quite often, we are faced with the fact that users are simply not aware of the availability of this or that functionality. And since we talk about all sorts of news, releases and important events in the News, we decided to make some changes:

Firstly, on the plugin pages we have added links to plugin-related news.

Secondly, we decided to write news more often this year.

In connection with the second point, we decided to add the ability for users to customize which news to show and which not. Recall that news is shown by the auto-update module in a special pop-up window in the lower right corner of the screen.

Now in the Configurator, the auto-update module and the settings windows in AutoCAD/Revit/Renga, you can configure the display of news:


Naturally, important news will be displayed regardless of the settings!

Today's update also has one more important feature - the Logout all devices function has been added to the Personal Account:


Users have already written to us several times and asked to add such functionality. And most often the reason was that they changed their place of work, and did not leave their personal account, thereby simply donating their licenses. It is important to understand that the functionality of logging out from all devices will be available only where ModPlus is updated!

If you have ideas and suggestions, be sure to write to us! We listen to all opinions!

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

ModPlus ESKD. Nodal leader

This year we would like to devote more time to the ModPlus ESKD plugin, which we consider one of the most promising for AutoCAD. And today we are pleased to present you a new smart object - Nodal leader.

A Nodal leader is a relatively simple smart object in terms of the number of entities and the complexity of the interaction of properties, so we made it relatively quickly. But, unlike analogs, we added their own feature - the frame can be round or rectangular:


Today's update also includes fixes for some user-reported Level mark bugs. We also added the "Show asterisk" property to the Level mark:


Some users reported to us that while working, it happens that the graphics of smart objects disappear. We are not yet able to catch and reproduce such a problem, but we added the Refresh Graphics item to the “Find” function:


True, we cannot check this function either, so we are waiting for feedback from you!

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!