Revit. Parametrization. Strategies Materials, InMEPSystem. Functions STRINDEX, VALUESTR, EINDEX. Updating favorite fields

Published: 01 June 2023

Introducing the update to the Parametrization plugin, which brings new strategies, new functions, a bit of redesign, improvements in formula processing and the ability to update your favorite fields.


It's all in order later in this article.


Revit. Floor by room. Considering door direction, cutting doors out of floor, trimming along separators

Published: 07 May 2023

We are pleased to present you with an update of the Floor by Room plugin with three interesting enhancements:

Door direction accounting

When creating a configuration with a floor fully leading into a doorway, users often encountered a warning that the floors they created overlapped. Now it's possible to specify which of the two connecting rooms will be the main room - the one they exit or enter - and the floor will be created only for that room:


Cutting solid door geometry

Now you can enable a special option, and the solid door geometry will be cut from the floor contour:


Trimming along room separators

One of our users came across a case where two rooms share a doorway:


In this case the floor of each room was created along the contour of the doorway and we got floor overlapping. In the new version we have taken the room separators into account when creating the doorways:


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License server connection indication

Published: 03 May 2023

One of the main problems with corporate licenses up to now has been the lack of indication. That is, the user did not understand whether he got a workplace (license) until he launched some paid plugin. We have long thought - how to implement the indication so that it was always visible and did not interfere with the work? And today we are pleased to present our solution, which we will tell you about.

license notifier 1 en


New plugin for Revit. Export to Excel

Published: 24 April 2023
Introducing a new free plugin - Export to Excel!

This time we did not make a demo video, because the plugin is so simple and obvious that there is nothing to show in the video. So we will just show a screenshot of the plugin window


This plugin is based on the technologies of Development Systems, which is a strategic partner of ModPlus.

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AutoCAD 2024 and Revit 2024

Published: 08 April 2023

autocad revit 2024

Full support for AutoCAD 2024 and Revit 2024 is available starting today!


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