ModPlus is no longer open-source

Published: 26 September 2022


At the end of 2019, I made the decision to open-source the free plugins. At the time, I motivated this for several reasons:

  1. there are a lot of plugins
  2. experience sharing
  3. quick bug fixes
  4. development of the ESKD plugin

That is, my hopes were naive and pure - I wanted to connect to the project interested people and help in its development.

And so in almost three years only one pull-request was made - in localization! But in the Internet I have encountered an almost complete duplication of my free plugins. Yes, of course, it's possible that a few people on the planet got the same idea and turned out a similar implementation, but...

Even if the plugins are free, I still invested a lot of time and effort into many of them, and I no longer want to share the results of my intellectual labor, helping my obvious or potential competitors.

All repositories except for Localization and ESKD have already been made private


New plugin for Revit. Parametrization

Published: 26 September 2022
Meet the new plugin for Revit - Parametrization!

We thought long and hard about the implementation of this plugin and finally made it. This plugin is a flexible tool that allows you to fill element parameters with different strategies, taking into account filters and using formulas.

In the video we demonstrated a few examples of use that we often heard about from users:

Try it out, look for your approaches to use and write us what's missing from the plugin! After all, we have built the architecture of the plugin in such a way as to be able to quickly and accurately expand its functionality!

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!


ModPlus ISO. View. Changes to the Nodal leader, Level Mark

Published: 22 September 2022

An update to the ModPlus ISO plugin is released, in which:

- Added a new annotation smart object View:

mpView en

- Added a grip to the Nodal leader that allows you to change the type of frame without the property palette or the edit window:

mpFragmentMarker en 1

- A double-click edit window has been added to the Level mark object, allowing you to change the mark:

mpLevelMark en 1

And we also added mirroring of the text when mirroring the Level Mark, Axis, Fragment marker.

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!


New plugin for Revit. Floor by Room

Published: 05 September 2022
Introducing a new free plugin for Revit - Floor by Room!

The plugin includes features such as filtering rooms by parameters and creating floors with contouring in the door openings, which will allow you to use the plugin more flexibly and functionally!

We showed how easy it is to use the plugin in our short video:

Plugin also supports Organization Settings.

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!


50% discount for Builder's Day

Published: 08 August 2022

builderday2022 en

On the eve of Builder Day 2022, we are giving you a 50% discount on all purchases!

Just use the promo code


The promo code is valid from 08.08.2022 to 15.08.2022


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