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New plugin for Revit: Cropping view

At the recent Autodesk University Russia 2019 , many different developments were shown. And of course I was inspired by some of them. In one speech, a small but useful feature was noticed – a quick cropping of the views. Well, as shown is not available in the public domain, I decided to write the same plugin for my users.

Meet – Cropping view. Create a rectangular crop view in just a couple of clicks!

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Backup settings


Relatively recently appeared in ModPlus new unique opportunity - Personal account. A service that simplifies the work with licenses. But of course one user account licenses can not do and today in the Personal account there is a new opportunity – backup settings.

As you already know, in the Configurator you could save your configuration file on the ModPlus server, so that you could download it and restore your settings. This feature is available in the plugin Notes (where it will soon be removed) and I have long considered the possibility of backup in other plugins. But when there was a Personal account, at once there was an idea to reduce all backups in one place. And from today you can create backups of your settings using Your personal account, for:

I will not paint here that it is possible to save for each plugin, as painted it in the Personal account.

The opportunity is new and still "raw", so I hope for your responsiveness and feedback.

Enjoy your work with ModPlus plugins!

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Students - 50% discount

student discount en

Are you a student and want to use ModPlus? Then you can get a 50% discount on all purchases!

Discounts are issued on an individual basis in the form of promo codes. Read more about student discounts here

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New plugin for Revit: Fix families duplicates

Probably, everyone, working with Revit, faced a problem when copying elements from another document or when synchronizing with the Central model – duplicates of already existing families appear in the project.

Fix it is not difficult, but very long and dreary:

  • You must create the same types in the main family as in the duplicate family
  • You need to copy all the required parameters of the created type
  • You must replace the duplicate family instances in the model with the main family
  • And finally – remove no longer required types

Now all this can be done in a few clicks! Meet the new function - Fix families duplicates!

And so You can immediately assess the usefulness of the new function, we have prepared for You a demo video:

As always – we are waiting for your comments, suggestions and feedback! Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

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Personal account. No more bindings, registration keys and activation keys


I am pleased to present You a new opportunity – Personal account!

Now there is no need to bind ModPlus to your hard drive or Google account, no need to use the registration key and activation keys! Just synchronize with your account and all – the program will get all the necessary information on your purchases and all purchased licenses will be active. Comfortable? Yes!

Of course, we didn't get rid of the keys at all. Operation of corporate subscriptions remains in the same mode and activation key is required for offline activation (if there is no access to the internet). But this rather exceptions and special moments.

I hope the innovation will simplify the work with ModPlus and everyone will like it! And we will continue to do amazing things and more!

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