New plugin for Revit. Spot dimensions

We are pleased to present you a new plugin for Revit – Spot dimensions!

This is a small plugin designed to speed up the creation of spot dimensions on section and elevation views. We tried to make the plugin to minimize the number of actions:

The plugin is only available for Revit 2019 and higher.

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

ModPlus ESKD. Fragment mark

New smart object added to ModPlus ESKD plugin - Fragment mark


The object is very simple and has only one configurable property - radius of rounding, but we are sure that it will be useful in your work!

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

New plugin for Revit. Beams reinforcement

Meet the fourth plugin in the line of reinforcement – Beams Reinforcement

The concept of the plugin is very similar to the plugin Columns Reinforcement - the configuration of longitudinal reinforcement and the layout of transverse reinforcement look identical, which is quite logical and justified. The main difference is the layout of transverse reinforcement, which can take into account the underlying walls and columns.

Another important difference from other reinforcement plugins is that Beams Reinforcement is only available from Revit 2019, as some algorithms use methods from the API available only from that version. This may be the first bell to drop support for the 2017, 2018 versions...

The first version of the plugin only works with rectangular beams. We understand that there may be other cross-sectional shapes, but decided that we will deal with them if there are requests from users.

And by tradition we have make a demonstration video:

Have fun working with ModPlus!

Revit. Reinforcement. Model bar diameter

Recently released Revit 2022, which pleased (and some disappointed) innovation in the form of model bar diameter


And of course, our plugins are also affected. It would seem - why write a whole news item about it? The thing is, we thought that we could do without much effort and somehow easily take into account this update ... But as it turned out - you can not just take into account the two diameters of bars!

boromir mem

We had to make very large edits to the code of all three (at the moment) plugins and now use the diameter of the bars of the model in the calculation of the size and position. Moreover, these changes do not only apply to version 2022, but also affect the previous versions, although there are no two diameters.

That's why we are writing this news - we ask you to pay close attention if something suddenly starts working incorrectly after the update and be sure to tell us!

Also, in each of the three plugins we have fixed some major bugs or even added some new features, which you can read about in the Change History.

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!