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ModPlus for Revit. Walls Reinforcement 3.0

Meet the new features of the Walls Reinforcement function!

The most important innovation is the ability to customize the joints of the vertical rebars of the main reinforcement. Unlike previous versions, where you could only set a protrusion above the wall, in version 3.0 a large number of customization variations appeared: you can make straight joints, or with a bend in the overlying floor, set joints of different lengths, create “breaking in” joints. In this case, the function takes into account not only the overlying floor, but also the overlying walls, as well as openings in the overlying walls!

Almost all features are shown in the following video:

Now I can safely assume that the function is complete, since there is nothing special to add to the walls. This means that i can start a new functions with the reinforcement of other elements!

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Revit: Sheet numerator v2.0

Are you still using hidden characters in the sheet number? Then rather look at the video presentation of the new features of the Sheet numerator plugin!

Now you can create composite schemes for sheet numbers and write parts of the number in the parameters!

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Duplication of tray icons

The past major update of the main ModPlus core happened with an annoying error. Today you can see such a picture


To solve the problem, you should upgrade using the Web Installer (if you don’t know, it can not only install, but also update)

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience

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ModPlus web-server


I understand perfectly well that users expect a lot from ModPlus - finalizing the hit Walls Reinforcement (and there, oh, how much more work is being done), the emergence of new reinforcement functions. The recently released function Sheet numerator also waiting for their turn to expand the functionality. And do not forget about the functions of AutoCAD. But there are parts in ModPlus that are also important!

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