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Evolution of the "View Filters" plugin

More recently, a plugin called View Template Filters was released - a small and simple plugin that allowed you to copy filters between view templates while preserving graphics override settings.

And I thought about the plugin like this: "A little feature - I'll do it and forget." Oh, how wrong I was! Literally on the very first day after the release, I was showered with suggestions regarding this plugin. And most of the suggestions were the same.

And for whom are all plugins made? That's right - for users! And so I'm glad to present you the evolution of the plugin:

  • Plugin renamed to View Filters
  • The plugin now allows you to copy filters both between view templates and between views
  • Search is now available in both lists
  • Filtering is also added to both lists, similar to Revit
  • Added commands to collapse/expand and check/uncheck


Hopefully the plugin will now satisfy more of its users' needs!

Enjoy working with ModPlus

Calculation of the length of anchoring and overlap

When the plugin Reinforcement for AutoCAD was created (and that was a very long time ago), an anchorage calculation was added to it. This functionality was also used when creating reinforcement plugins in Revit. But time and experience of use showed that the functionality was too outdated, and contained some shortcomings. Therefore, it was decided that it was time to change it.

The calculation of the anchoring length was moved from all plugins to the main auxiliary library, and also supplemented by the possibility of calculating the length of the overlap. The calculation window is designed in such a way as to provide the user with as many explanations as possible. Plus - the ability to get the result of the calculation in Word


The functionality is implemented in the AutoCAD plugin Reinforcement, and in the plugins for Revit: Walls Reinforcement, Slabs Reinforcement and Columns Reinforcement.

Important! We did not begin to localize this functionality. Due to the fact that the calculation is made according to Russian regulations, there is no particular point in translating it. If you are not from Russia and can provide information on the calculations of anchoring length and overlap length, provide them to us and we will be happy to add them to the plugins.

P.S. In the reinforcement plugins in Revit, some bugs have also been fixed. Be sure to check them out on the Change History page.

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

New plugin for Revit. View Template Filters

Perhaps not the most common problem that requires automation, but nevertheless, we have repeatedly asked for help with its solution - copying filters between templates so that the graphics override settings are preserved. And today we are pleased to present a new small plugin that solves this problem - View Template Filters.

The plugin is free and I am sure it will find its users!

Write to us - we always listen to the wishes of our users!

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

New plugin for Revit. Columns reinforcement

Meet the third plugin in the reinforcement line – Columns reinforcement.

The plugin concept is the same as in the previous plugins - the selected columns are analyzed and grouped according to different conditions. For each group, reinforcement is configured and performed.

A distinctive feature of this plugin is an approach to creating transverse reinforcement with the ability to move shapes and change the covered bars, which allows you to create almost any layout of transverse reinforcement.

And of course, as in the case of walls reinforcement, the plugin processes the columns taking into account their relative position!

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

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