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New plugin for Revit: Context filter

The task of creating a plugin for filtering has been before me for a long time. But I was not in a hurry, because I did not want to repeat everything that has already been done by others, but in a different wrapper. I wanted to come up with something special. And finally, today I’m glad to present you an experimental development

Context filter

I did not just call the plugin experimental development - it was made not according to the standard features of the Revit API. To use it, you do not need to look for a button on the ribbon every time! You just need to click the left mouse button while holding down the Ctrl key. Have you seen anything like this?

And in order not to be verbose, according to tradition, I present to your attention a demonstration:

I am sure that an engineer of any specialty will find the use of a filter in his work!

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

Termination of Support Revit 2015, 2016

RevitSupport2015 2016

Starting today, support for Revit 2015 and Revit 2016 will be phased out.

The reasons for this event, as in the case of AutoCAD 2010-2012, are quite simple and obvious:

Firstly, a big difference in the API. As you can see, many plugins do not already have a version for 2015 and 2016 Revit, since the API of these versions is trivial without the necessary functionality.

Secondly, the lack of users of these versions. Of course, there are users, but 8 out of 1,465 users for the current month are a very low indicator.

Discontinuation of support will occur gradually: the ModPlus_Revit_2015.dll and ModPlus_Revit_2015.dll libraries will be deleted, the Configurator and the auto-update module will be changed, the plugins installation files will be deleted and the appropriate changes will be made on the site.

I am sure that this news will not upset anyone =)

New plugin for Revit: Notes

This is a small but quite useful plugin that should have appeared in the ranks of plugins for Revit for a long time. And finally it happened! Meet


This plugin is a complete analogue of the Notes plugin for AutoCAD and allows you to store text notes and quickly insert them into the project. How all this is easily and simply shown in the following video:

ModPlus ESKD. Level Mark and new palette design

Finally, I set aside work on plugins for Revit and Renga and took the time to my favorite plugin - ModPlus ESKD.

Firstly, a new intellectual object has been added: Level Mark. Basically, this is the expected object that just had to be in this plugin:


I won’t tell anything about him - you already know perfectly well what it is and why.

Also added is an auxiliary command - Align Level Marks:


This command allows you to align several level marks vertically, as well as combine their reference points.

Secondly, a redesign of the property palette was made:


Here, in fact, the essence was not even in the design, but in the use of window elements from the design library.

Thirdly, for those who are interested in the project from the inside, refactoring, many different optimizations, as well as cleaning the code from garbage, have been performed.

At the moment, there are only five intellectual objects in ModPlus ESKD, but I plan not to drop the plug-in again for a long time and return to it as often as possible!

Renga: one for all


Today, a long-awaited event for many people happened: three products - Renga Architecture, Renga Structure, Renga MEP - merged into one! And now it's just Renga.

ModPlus is not far behind and today we release an update of all the necessary components and start working with Renga 4.0. We did not leave support for version 3.xx, as we do not see much sense in this.

We are also waiting for the update of the Renga SDK, which will allow us to use new features both in existing plug-ins and in planned ones.