Revit. Beams, Columns reinforcement. Use of connectionless geometry, hooks for all preferred shapes and other modifications

Published: 07 November 2021

Today we have released an update of two plugins at once - Beams reinforcement, Columns reinforcement - and in this article we will talk about the innovations

Revit. Numbering. Two algorithms for numbering in schedules

Published: 05 November 2021

In the last major update of the Numbering plugin, we replaced the numbering algorithm in schedules with the "Itemized" checkbox removed, which works several times faster than the previous algorithm.

But time has shown that the new algorithm does not always work. The idea of the algorithm is to delete rows of the schedule, but there are cases when it is impossible to delete rows (and it is not quite clear why), and there are cases when deleting one row leads to another new row.

So we decided to bring back the old algorithm while keeping the new one. Now, when you run the plugin in the schedule with the "Itemized" checkbox unchecked, in the plugin window there will be a choice of algorithm. We recommend using the fast algorithm first, and if it does not work in your case - then use the slow one

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New plugin for Renga. Last hidden

Published: 29 October 2021

Introducing a new plugin for Renga, the idea of which was suggested to us by a user - Last hidden.

The original problem was the following - to hide an element on the view, do something, and then return the visibility of only this hidden element, not all hidden elements. There are no direct ways to implement the task in the Renga API, but we got the idea to do a workaround through handling the element selection event. Of course, there are some nuances. For example, we need the plugin window to be open. Other nuances are described on the plugin page.

We hope that this little plugin will find its users!

And by tradition, we have prepared a video presentation:

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

Revit. Coloring tabs by view type and changing the autosave service

Published: 28 October 2021

Today we've released an update to the Revit working libraries that contains important and interesting changes to the tab coloring service and the autosave service, and now we'll tell you more.

First - in the tab coloring service we've increased the maximum thickness value when coloring the left border. Up to 26, which allows to maintain symmetry in the icon coloring.

Second - in the tabs coloring service we added an option to paint tabs by view type:

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This option suits those who often work with a single file rather than with many open files. But there is a limitation - coloring by view type will only work in the Russian and English versions of Revit, because there is no easy way to know the view type of the tab, and we had to go for a trick related to localization. If you have a different program language, write to us.

But unfortunately we didn't manage to make the coloring in the drop-down list

2 en

Third, we added the autosave service saving .os$ when you save the file manually and restoring from .os$ when you cancel the save.

How this works: you have the autosave service enabled. You open it and the service creates a file with the extension .os$. You work for some time, and if you press the "Save" button, the service recreates the .os$ file at this time. You continue working - at specified intervals, the file is autosaved, but it has no effect on the .os$ file. You decide to close the file, but do not save it (the "Save file?" box appears and you choose "No") - in this case, after closing the file, the service restores the current file from the .os$ file.

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

Free one-time monthly subscription for every user

Published: 23 October 2021

We are pleased to introduce a new single-user subscription option - a free monthly subscription!

One AutoCAD subscription and one Revit subscription per user

SubscribeFree en

The subscription can be used at any time, but only once. To activate, you need to add the subscription to your cart and proceed to checkout - just like when you buy. And since the price of the subscription is zero, there will be no transition to the payment service and the subscription is activated immediately.

We hope this news will make our users happy!

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

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