AutoCAD. Title blocks. Signatures

When creating the Title blocks plugin, there was a choice - use blocks or use tables. After weighing all the pros and cons, it was decided to use tables, as they are more flexible and convenient for programmatic filling. But, unfortunately, they impose some restrictions. One such limitation is the insertion of signatures.

AutoCAD allows us to insert blocks into table cells, but we have not yet met a single signature that would fit exactly into a 15x5 mm rectangle. And we must somehow get out of this situation.

We decided to resort to the most obvious solution - insert signatures directly over the title block. Of course, there are many downsides to this - signatures have no connection with title blocks, they cannot be quickly and conveniently replaced, unlike fields. But all the same it is better than nothing at all! In addition, AutoCAD out of the box has functionality sufficient for batch replacement of signatures in all title blocks.

Well, for the release of the new functionality, we have prepared a video, which is both a demonstration and a guide for use:

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

Revit. Numbering 3.0

Meet plugin Numbering version 3.0! We've worked on the numbering functionality for non-schedule views, and now:

  • plugin window does not block Revit!
  • there is an ordinal selection of elements and a selection of elements along a curve!
  • added item filters by category!
  • the numbering parameter is selected from the drop-down list!

And to demonstrate new features, we made a video for you:

We also created a news channel on Telegram! Join!

Enjoy working with ModPlus

IMPORTANT! Partial disabling of web services


Due to the high load, the web services were divided into parts - a web service for working with a web license server, a web service for updates and a web service for other tasks. At the same time, we had to disable a single web server that combined the listed tasks.

To stabilize ModPlus operation, please update manually using the web installer or download the archive on the Configurator page and unpack all files from it to the folder with the installed ModPlus version with overwriting files (you must first disable the auto-update module).

On 12/22/2020, web services were ported to another platform. Therefore, the update must be performed MANDATORY!

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Unfortunately, we couldn't do otherwise.

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Today we are disabling the web service located at!

If the licenses in the installed version of ModPlus stopped working for you, then you need to update to the current version manually using the web installer!


You can also update all the necessary files by downloading the archive on the Configurator page and unpacking it with replacing the files.

If you cannot get into the control panel of the web server of licenses, use the link in your personal account on the site, which will open the control panel at a new address!