Revit. Coloring elements by parameter value

Published: 29 May 2022

We have recently released the Coloring elements plugin and we immediately received a lot of messages from users, asking "What if you want to color by value of a parameter, and there could be a lot of values? It is extremely inconvenient to create a condition for each value".

Today we are pleased to present you an update of the plugin, which solves this problem! And not to write a long story we recorded a video:

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

Offline installer

Published: 27 May 2022

Often we are approached by representatives of organizations that do not have access to the Internet at their workplaces. ModPlus had a lot in mind to work without the Internet, except one thing - the ability to install or update a large number of plugins without hassle.

And today we are happy to present you with an offline installer!


The installer will be built and updated by us periodically, depending on the number or importance of updates. It is important to understand that the offline installer is not a full replacement for the online installer, and so the installation and removal of ModPlus have their own nuances, as described on the offline installer page.

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

New plugin for Revit. Coloring elements

Published: 16 May 2022
Introducing a new plugin for Revit - Coloring elements!

The plugin allows you to color elements in the view by conditions (by category and/or parameters), reset coloring, and create a template with filters or add filters to the current template or view!

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

Batch settings backup

Published: 12 May 2022

At the end of 2019, we added the ability to create a settings backup. Our idea was to be able to save settings for plugins that store their settings in separate files. ModPlus adopted the xml format to store all settings.

As time passed, the number of plugins grew, so did the number of items in the "Settings backup" section. And we realized that this will not do! And today we present you the renewed system of a backup of settings - batch!

batch settings backup en

Now all settings of all plugins are saved in one item, and you can always have actual settings of plugins on different working computers!

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

Revit. Copy values. Arithmetic rules and copying to nested families

Published: 11 May 2022

Today the update of the Copy values plugin for Revit is out and in this article we will briefly tell you what new things have been added. And we have a lot to tell and you should take a few minutes to read it!

1 en

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