Revit. AutoSave. Removing the backup functionality

The autosave service presented a couple of days ago was developed based on the R AutoSave plugin from Bim2B. After publishing the service and discussing it with our users, we concluded that most of the features were unnecessary! Revit itself saves backups, and creating a temporary file did not really do anything.

So today we updated the working libraries of Revit and removed the backups and the temporary file from the autosave service.

Revit AutoSaver 2 en

Although now our service is completely different from the Bim2B plugin, we decided to leave the note that this plugin was used, because that was originally the case. And also, because Bim2B are our friends!

Revit. Autosave

Multiple times users have written to us asking us to make an autosave plugin. We hadn't planned to do so, since such plugins are available in the AppStore. But time passed, and we changed our minds for several reasons: one of the existing plugins is not updated (although you can make it work on new versions of Revit, but not everyone knows how), another of the existing plugins is paid, and just we wanted to make ModPlus even more useful!

We did not make a separate plugin, but made a built-in service, similar to the Coloring tabs. Which means that the service is free and is available in the settings window immediately when you install ModPlus.

The service is based on the R AutoSave plugin by Bim2B (by Dmitry Talalaev)

To make the service as clear as possible without any help, we added a description of its work directly in the settings window:

Revit AutoSaver 1 en

Update the Revit working libraries, enable the Autosave service and enjoy the work!

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New plugin for Revit. Section annotation

Annotate drawing in Revit is a very routine activity. And if it is possible to automate this process, then only within certain cases. But in ModPlus, we can't create plugins for certain cases that will work for some users and not for others. That's why we try to make plugins as configurable as possible - so that users can customize them for themselves.

And today we are pleased to present you our new development - the Section annotation plugin!

The plugin is designed to speed up the process of annotating sections. The basic idea is that users will be able to create special configurations with annotation rules to suit their needs. At the moment the plugin handles a small number of categories, but we hope for feedback that will help us make the plugin more flexible.

And by tradition, we've made a review video:

Have fun working with ModPlus!

Auto-update module. Fewer notifications

Home autoupdate

Installing up-to-date updates is one of the main concerns of ModPlus. It is very important that users have all the relevant parts of the software installed and so it is very important that the auto-update module always works. But many users didn't like the fact that the module shows pop-up notifications about updates when they are working - the notifications are distracting - and users disable the auto-update module in every way possible. We spent a lot of time thinking how to circumvent this problem, and today we are pleased to present a new version of the auto-update module.

Now if the Configurator or a supported product (AutoCAD, Revit, Renga) are opened and there are new updates, the auto-update module will not show a popup notification but will download these updates and change its icon in the system tray


Once the Configurator or supported product is closed, the auto-update module will install the downloaded updates. Thus there will be no pop-up notifications while users are working.

An important difference - if a new plugin was released, the window suggesting installation of the plugin will now be displayed even if the Configurator or a supported product is open, so that the installation files will be downloaded immediately.

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!