AutoCAD 2024 and Revit 2024

Published: 08 April 2023

autocad revit 2024

Full support for AutoCAD 2024 and Revit 2024 is available starting today!


Revit. Parameterization. Copy rules, reference element parameters, InRebarSystem strategy and other changes

Published: 03 April 2023

We present you an update of the plugin Parametrization, which added very important and useful changes.

First, let's talk briefly about the new features, which are clear even without a description:

  • added the ability to delete all strategies in the configuration
  • added the ability to copy/paste rules via the clipboard. And the answer right away is - yes! You can copy/paste rules between different strategies!
  • added InRebarSystem strategy, which allows you to process rebars that are in rebar systems. The rebar systems include Area Reinforcement and Path Reinforcement.

And now more about important and interesting changes:


Revit. Sheet export 3.0. Custom formats, settings configurations, and other new features

Published: 13 March 2023

Unexpectedly a lot of suggestions for improvements to the Sheet export plugin we have received since the release of its first and second versions. And now it's time to release version 3, which adds a lot of new features. And in this article we will briefly tell you about all the new features.


Revit. Parametrization. New formula editor

Published: 24 February 2023

Introducing the new formula editor for the Parametrization plugin, which has evolved from a simple text input field into a multifunctional element! We showed you a short video explaining what the new editor can do:

Also in the update you will find a new strategy “MEP Insulation” and the ability to dissociate the target parameter from the global parameter of the project.

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!


Revit. Favorite Commands

Published: 22 February 2023

There are more and more plugins for Revit in ModPlus, and we don't want to divide them into different tabs on the ribbon. Last year, we made a switchable menu that allowed us to put all the plugins under one tab on the ribbon, but that doesn't solve another problem - different users more often need different plugins that could be in different switchable menus. It would be more convenient to have the most popular plugins at hand. And although the Configurator allows you to build a menu "by yourself", we think this is not the best solution and we may even remove this feature over time.

And today we are pleased to present you a solution to this problem - service Favorite commands! Just move your favorite commands to the list of favorites:


and get a "Favorites" panel with your favorite commands in the ribbon:


Enjoy your work with ModPlus!


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