Scaling of Formats

When I got into the design institute many years ago, my acquaintance with AutoCAD happened. But the trouble is that there were no teachers according to the program and it was necessary to master yourself, absorbing the experience and experience of colleagues. And colleagues, in most cases, were "aunts" - I think many people know the application of this word to the design sphere ))

So - in those days, everyone used AutoCAD, as they say, as a "Cullman in the TV." Which is not surprising - many in fact before that years and worked on the Cullman. As I recall the callouts made by segments and text - he already throws a shiver. About the notes, also performed in single-line text, generally keep quiet! Naturally, I also had to work on the scheme "Cullman in the TV." Many people know this scheme - everything is done in the model, everything is drawn as it should turn out on paper. And if you need to draw a plan in the 50th scale, then take a calculator in hand and draw, multiplying everything by 2...

My good laziness told me - it's a computer! This is CAD! This was done to facilitate the work! And I began to slowly learn really useful things. Now I'm working with sheets, filings, annotation scales, margins, backgrounds, layers, etc. - and that's really cool stuff! One thing that you draw in ONE scale (natural) saves just a lot of time and nerves. In the scheme "Cullman in the TV" there is only one plus - to see before the eyes immediately all the sheets. And that is a purely psychological plus. But when I remember how I worked with such methods - brrrr....

To what I wrote all this - I stubbornly tried to get rid of the scaling in functions such as Stamps, Tables, Formats. But the users of the plugin, I am persistently asked to return this opportunity. Well - I do not act as a teacher of work in the auto-cadre and do not try to impose on someone the styles of work. If a person is accustomed to work "uncomfortable" and does not have the desire to move to more correct and (in consequence) more comfortable styles of work - his right. My task is to make the plug-in functional and satisfying the requirements of the majority.

In this regard, I again added to the function Formats scaling. Available since version

The only thing I want to draw your attention to is that when scaling tables in AutoCAD, there are problems with the font in narrow cells. In the example image:

This is by no means connected with the plugin and is not its fault, a flaw, a jamb. The reasons are in AutoCAD itself. And I warn about it at once!
Well, in general - I have everything for today)) Enjoy all the work!

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