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Title blocks

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  • Plugin of inserting title blocks in the drawing (as AutoCAD tables) according to normative documentation, with field support

    Call options

    • ModPlus menu
    • ModPlus palette
    • AutoCAD ribbon
    • Command line: _mpStamps; _mpStampFields


    32x32px 16x16px dark 32x32px dark 16x16px


    Using the "Field" plugin allows you to add additional values to the document that you can insert into the title block in the form of fields. This allows you to change the values in the title block at once in all the title blocks throughout the document

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    Normative documents for - drop-down list to select a country, according to the norms of which lists of title blocks and regulatory documents will be filled.

    Weed of normative document - drop-down list to select the regulatory document, which will be completed according to the title block selection list.

    Normative document - field displaying the name of the regulatory document containing the selected title block.

    Description - contains a description of the location of the title block in the regulatory document.

    Below is a field for previewing the selected title block. At the corners of the field are radio buttons that determine the point of attachment of the title block when it is inserted into the drawing.

    Group title block setting contains the following settings:

    Title block scale - drop-down list of annotation scales contained in the drawing.

    Text style - drop-down list containing all text drawing styles. The text style applies to the entire title block.

    Main text height - text height, which is set for all title block cells after it is inserted. By default 2.5, which corresponds to ESKD GOST 2.304-81 "Drawing fonts"

    Additional text height - text height, which is set in some cells of the title block ("Sheet", "Stage", etc.) after its insertion. By default 3.5, which corresponds to ESKD GOST 2.304-81 "Drawing fonts"

    Logo from block - adding to the title block a logo from the specified block defined in the current drawing

    Logo from file - adding to the current drawing of the specified dwg-file in the form of a block, followed by adding to the title block as a logo. The file name is used as the block name. If the current drawing already contains a block with the same name, then the block from the drawing will be inserted into the title block

    Posts - List of available posts.

    13 - Opens the dialog for editing user posts (see below)

    Posts in the title block - posts added to selected title block

    7 - Moves the selected position from the list of available to the added to the title block.
    8 - Moves the selected position from the list of added posts to the list of available posts.
    9 - Move the selected position in the list of positions added to the title block one position up.
    10 - Move the selected position in the list of positions added to the title block one position down.

    Use fields - Adding to the title block (if the title block supports) values in the form of fields. To set the fields, use the plugin Fields (see below).

    Insert signatures - Inserting blocks of signatures into the title block. Use the Signatures plugin to customize signatures (see below)

    11 - Starting the Fields plugin
    19 - Starting the Signatures plugin

    Insert - go to AutoCAD to select a title block insertion point:
    Insertion point:
    Specify the insertion point.


    Fields plugin (_MpStampFields)

    The Fields plugin is an AutoCAD function and can be called from the command line, just like any other functions: _mpStampFields

    In the upper right corner of the window there is a drop-down list for selecting a country, according to the norms of which the fields should be filled.

    Regardless of the country, fields in the drawing are created using the same keys. Those. In the current drawing, you can add fields according to the regulations of only one country.

    The main function window contains several tabs - a tab for filling in the names and a tab for filling the title block title block in accordance with GOST/DSTU/STB.

    Surnames tab contains two tab:

    Standard - contains text fields to which the names should be entered according to the position (positions according to GOST/DSTU/STB):


    Custom - contains text fields in which names should be entered according to the position (user list of positions):


    13 - Opens the dialog for editing user posts (see below)

    Tabs GOST/DSTU/STB ... (value varies with country) - contain title block columns according to GOST/DSTU/STB. It may contain internal tabs indicating the location of the graph in GOST/DSTU/STB. When you hover the cursor over any of the graphs, a hint will appear, containing a description of the column according to GOST/DSTU/STB.



    Add to drawing - Add filled text fields to the active AutoCAD document as additional drawing properties.

    Add fields to title block - Move to AutoCAD to select a title block
    Select title block:
    Select title block


    Save - Saving the entered values to the settings file for the possibility of subsequent loading of these values in another drawing.

    Load - Load previously saved values.

    Import - Import of filled field values into xml file.

    Export - Filling in field values from the specified xml file.

    Set Default Values - Load default values.

    Editing user posts


    15 - Adding a new line to the list
    16 - Remove selected row from list

    Signatures plugin (_mpSignatures)

    The Signatures plugin is an AutoCAD plugin and can be called from the command line, just like any other functions: _mpSignatures.

    The plugin supports preselection: if you select a table (title block) before starting the plugin, then signatures will be inserted into this table.

    The plugin inserts a block with a signature at the bottom left point of the cell, which is located to the right of the cell with the surname. The plugin works on the basis of the contents of the table and is not tied only to ModPlus tables (title blocks). The scale of the table is not taken into account!

    Signature block is inserted over the table (title block) to the coordinates of the cell and has no connection with the table!


    The plugin window consists of a list of positions that define the relationship between the surname and the inserted signature block. Positions can be disabled without deleting them from the list.

    In the free version of the plugin, only three positions can be created.

    From the drop-down list, you can select the Layer in which the signatures will be placed.

    Add signatures to title block - closes the plugin window and proceeds to select a title block for inserting signatures

    Export - export list of positions to xml file

    Import - import list of positions from an xml file. Removes the current list!

  • Change history for

    2023 Year

    AutoCAD: Stamps (08.11.2023)

    Using the ModPlus.Xaml.Behaviors.Wpf.dll library instead of Microsoft.Xaml.Behaviors.dll to resolve compatibility issues with other plugins.

    AutoCAD: Stamps (09.08.2023)

    Removed the "Over all windows" property from the "Fields" window opened from the "Stamps" window.

    AutoCAD: Stamps (10.05.2023)

    Fixed some bugs in UI.

    2022 Year

    AutoCAD: Stamps (28.04.2022)

    Fixed "eKeyNotFound" error that could occur when inserting signatures.

    2021 Year

    AutoCAD: Stamps (05.12.2021)

    Fixed an error that caused the sheet name to be written instead of the document designation in Form 6 according to GOST 21.1101.

    AutoCAD: Stamps (25.09.2021)

    Title blocks according to GOST R 21.1101-2013 were replaced by title blocks according to GOST R 21.101-2020.

    AutoCAD: Stamps (21.09.2021)

    Added the ability to add a layout name to the title block when inserting into a layout.
    Added ability to set a layer for signatures.
    Set the horizontal cell indent to 0.5 on insertion.
    Added the regeneration of the drawing when closing the "Fields" window.
    Reset date when setting default values for fields.

    AutoCAD: Stamps (10.01.2021)  Read more

    Added functionality for inserting signature blocks over title blocks.

    2020 Year

    AutoCAD: Stamps (17.12.2020)

    Added the ability to export / import fields to xml file.
    Fixed bug with saving width factor for default fields.

    AutoCAD: Stamps (27.09.2020)  Read more

    Added the ability to specify width factor for fields.

    AutoCAD: Stamps (01.06.2020)

    Title blocks file storage folder changed.

    AutoCAD: Stamps (29.03.2020)

    Added new field – the date used in title blocks, containing posts.
    Added the ability to insert line breaks in certain fields.
    Added the possibility to set an empty value for fields.

    2019 Year

    AutoCAD: Stamps (12.11.2019)

    Fixed eSelfReference exception that occurs when insert a logo in the title block from the file.

    AutoCAD: Stamps (28.09.2019)

    Fixed a bug adding a large indentation in the cell.
    Added usage of the current layer to the pasted stamp.

    AutoCAD: Stamps (18.07.2019)

    Fixed problem adding not valid (empty name) text style to the list of text styles.

    AutoCAD: Stamps (18.07.2019)

    Fixed the cause of the error eNotImplementedYet in AutoCAD 2013-2017.

    AutoCAD: Stamps (17.07.2019)

    Added title blocks according to ISO 7200:2004.
    Added a field to fill title blocks on ISO 7200:2004.

    AutoCAD: Stamps (01.04.2019)

    Fixed background color for images in dark themes.

    AutoCAD: Stamps (01.04.2019)

    Fixed a typo in the values of the positions of Ukraine.

    2018 Year

    AutoCAD: Stamps (21.07.2018)

    Replacement of main function icons adding icons for dark themes the AutoCAD ribbon.

    2017 Year

    AutoCAD: Stamps (30.10.2017)

    Corrected lateral inscriptions according to GOST 21.1101-2013 Appendix F (in relation to GOST 21.1101-2009).
    Fixed small errors in the design of the window.

    AutoCAD: Stamps (24.04.2017)

    Storage of base stamps transferred to one file..
    Small changes in the design of the window function.

    AutoCAD: Stamps (28.03.2017)

    Amended in accordance with GOST R 21.1101-2013 to replace GOST R 21.1101-2009 – changed the stamps on the form F5, F9, Ф9а.
    Corrected the installation of a large font and no indentation in some stamps.
    Added stamps on the documents: DSTU B A. 2.4-4:2009 for Ukraine and STB 2255-2012 for Belarus.
    Multiple small changes in the design of the Windows functions.

    AutoCAD: Stamps (18.01.2017)

    Edited stamps on forms 5, 9, 9a according to GOST 21.1101-2013.

    2016 Year

    AutoCAD: Stamps (06.04.2016)

    Removed option "Dynamic rendering of a table when inserting".
    Fixed problem with fatal error when inserting tables in some files (mostly AutoCad 2016).

    AutoCAD: Stamps (25.02.2016)

    Fixed bug with scaling of text scaling of the stamp (box scale is not 1:1).

    AutoCAD: Stamps (22.02.2016)

    Fixed binding of stamp to the insertion point in the "drawing cursor".

    AutoCAD: Stamps (14.02.2016)

    Added the ability to paste stamps without drawing the cursor in the process of specifying the insertion point.

    2015 Year

    AutoCAD: Stamps (27.12.2015)

    Added the ability to get a value for a field from the object in the current drawing (text, multileader, table).
    Added the ability to load the field values from the specified dwg file.
    Improved display of tooltips for the fields in accordance with GOST R 21.1101-2013 (tooltip when you hover the cursor on the input field).
    Added the ability to specify the height of text in cells of a stamp.
    Added the ability to specify additional text height for some cells of a stamp ("document Symbol", "stage", etc.).
    The function changes the spacing horizontally and vertically in the cells of a stamp after it is inserted into 0.5. For cells "number.Uch." and "n-dock" the horizontal spacing is changed to 0.0.
    Added the ability to use the dwg file as a logo for the stamp.
    Some minor changes in code and design.

    AutoCAD: Stamps (18.10.2015)

    From the list of blocks for the logo removed anonymous blocks.
    In the option "Fields" is added before viewing cells (GOST R 21.1101, Appendix W, form 3).
    When you insert the stamp sometimes there is a fatal error in AutoCad. In this regard, the code for the insert stamp in the drawing has been redone.
    Various small changes.

    AutoCAD: Stamps (14.05.2015)

    Added decals (2pcs) for GOST 2.104-2006.
    Small changes in the code.

    AutoCAD: Stamps (24.03.2015)

    Modified GOST R 21.1101-2009, GOST R 21.1101-2013.
    Positions in the stamp are saved in the configuration file.
    Added the ability to create custom posts and use them as fields.
    In the list of posts in the stamp are now being used for empty values, allowing you to add posts to the desired cell of a stamp.
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