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Corporate subscriptions without binding to the local network

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As we all know very well, the situation in the world has led to the fact that many organizations have transferred their employees to remote work. And apparently, many will remain so on it.

This situation prompted me to quickly move on to the development of a long-planned feature - a license server that can work via the Internet. And today I am pleased to introduce you - Web License Server!

Now the use of corporate subscriptions is not tied to the local network, and the administrator of the Web License Server can manage the list of users who can use the server! And most importantly - the license server does not need to be installed anywhere!

You can still use the LAN License Server if it suits you best. You can familiarize yourself with the differences in license servers on this page.

And to demonstrate how easy, simple and convenient it is to work with the Web License Server, I made this video:

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