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Revit. Reinforcement. Rebars parameters, complex shapes of holes in the slab and other novelties

Today, updates were released for two plug-ins at once - Walls Reinforcement and Slabs Reinforcement. And these updates are quite large and have a number of useful innovations, which will be briefly discussed below. Moreover, many innovations appeared immediately in both plugins!

The most important innovation is the ability to set text parameters for the reinforcement being created. Now in all settings of reinforcement you will see the corresponding inscription Parameters, when you click on it, a dialog will open for setting parameter values. The list of parameters itself is filled with the current document:


Another small but very useful innovation is the ability to save the current reinforcement settings as the default reinforcement settings. You will find the corresponding button next to the copy settings button:

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New Theme - LightStrict

Today, the release of the new version of the ModPlusStyle design library was released, in which some minor corrections were made, as well as the possibility of finer tuning of design themes. And these features were immediately applied to a new topic.

LightStrict is a light but austere theme. Pleasant light gray colors with an admixture of blue and a touch of severity of right angles. But you may not immediately notice what is the peculiarity of this topic. Let's look at an example of a window of the recently released Slabs Reinforcement plugin:


The very first thing that should immediately catch your eye is that the background color of the buttons in this theme does not match the accent (blue) color of the theme. The effect is also different when the mouse hovers over the buttons.

The second main difference from all the others that can not immediately catch the eye is the absence of rounding. Even in small things, such as scrollbars or tooltips.

I am sure that this design theme will find its users. And I, in turn, promise that over time I will definitely make new changes to make working with ModPlus more pleasant and comfortable!

New plugin for Revit. Slabs reinforcement

The long-awaited premiere! Meet the new plugin – Slabs reinforcement!

The plugin allows you to create a background (main) reinforcement of slabs with various options, create U-shaped rods along the contour, and also frame the holes. There is a wide selection of reinforcement settings, the ability to customize the default reinforcement, as well as set preferred forms of reinforcing bars!

Over time, the plugin will definitely be filled with new features!

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!