Revit. Apartment Layout. Typical floors

Published: 03 September 2023

Recently we were approached by our customers who actively use the plugin Apartment Layout with an interesting problem: when modeling a multi-story building with the same floors, they received different apartment areas. And the problem arose not because of the plugin, but because of Revit itself - in some cases Revit creates slightly different room outlines.

After a joint brainstorm, the client and we came up with an interesting solution - typical floors. And today we are happy to present the release of this solution!



New plugin for Revit. Sum of parameters

Published: 30 August 2023
Introducing a new plugin for Revit - Sum of parameters!

This small plugin will allow you to get the sum of numerical parameters present in all selected elements. The plugin is made in non-modal mode - ie does not block the Revit window, and reading values is done by clicking the "Take" button. The plugin also includes the ability to round the value and quickly copy the value to the clipboard

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50% discount for Builder's Day 2023

Published: 07 August 2023

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Revit. Copy elements. Duplicate filters and views, redesign settings, and use sets

Published: 05 August 2023

Introducing the updated version of the Copy Elements plugin, the important changes of which we will cover in this short article.

We often get questions like "Why are copies with a number created if I select such and such option?". These questions are the result of our shortcomings: we made the copy settings so obscure that we even started to get confused about them. That's why we decided to rename the settings options, add separate options for some types of elements and give detailed descriptions for each setting:

mprCopyElementsToOpenDocuments2 en

And as you may have noticed - we added copy-and-replace option for filters and views (types were already there before, but not configured separately)!

If even in this form it is not clear to you, be sure to write to us and we will figure out how to improve it!

Also in the new version you will find sets. Or as they can be called in another way - presets. You check the types of elements you need to copy in the tree and create a new set. And next time you just select the desired set to check the same element types in the tree.

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Revit. Context Filter. Window mode, same parameters, filter search and presets without values

Published: 31 July 2023

Introducing a major update to the Context Filter plugin for Revit that greatly expands the filtering capabilities of elements. And in this article, we'll go into more detail about the new features

Window mode

Yes, we really wanted to make a unique plugin that works in the context of the current view, but we realize that there are drawbacks to such a solution. That's why we added the ability to use the filter in the usual window mode



When saving or modifying a preset, the Without values option is now available:


If you check this box, the parameter values will not be saved to the preset and all parameter values will be checked when the preset is applied

Search by filter

On the left side of the plugin you will find a new context By filter on view. When you go to it, you will see a drop-down list with all filters of the current document:


If you select a filter on the current view, you will search for elements by this filter, and the category tree will be filled with search results. Further on the tree you will be able to perform the usual filtering by parameter values

Search by ModPlus filters

Two more contexts Found in the view and Found in the model will allow you to process the elements found with the help of ModPlus filter:


There is a nuance with these contexts - for technical reasons they will only be available in window mode!

Same parameters

In our opinion, the most interesting novelty! Now each category has a checkbox on the right side. If you check this checkbox for more than one category, a new zone Same parameters will appear:


In this zone you will be able to see the list of parameters that occur in all selected categories. For each of these parameters you will be able to choose the values that are also found in all selected categories. Thus you will now be able to search for elements of different categories with the same value of the same parameter!

Almost all new products are developed based on requests from our users. So don't forget to join our social networks and write your wishes and feedback!

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