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Official YouTube channel


Dear users and especially subscribers of the YouTube channel - I hasten to report important news - from today ModPlus has a new channel! Official!

I strive for quality in everything and therefore I believe that official software videos should not be published in a personal channel. Over time, all videos will be deleted from the current channel and uploaded to a new one. At the same time, some videos will be adjusted in terms of initial splash screen and music.

Yes, many comments will be lost, statistics will start from scratch and other minuses, but I am well aware of this.

Subscribe to the new channel! All new videos will now be published in it!

New plugin for Revit: Patterns

This plugin just had to appear in ModPlus! Meet - Patterns.

This plugin includes almost all the possibilities of working with patterns - editing, deleting, exporting, importing and, of course, creating new patterns.

By tradition, a small video demonstrating the main features of the plugin:

Use, leave your comments and suggestions, tell colleagues!

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

New Revit Plugin: Copy elements to the documents

Meet the new, free plugin - Copy elements to the documents.

With this plugin, you can copy elements or types from a source document to one or more other documents.

By tradition, a short video showing how the plugin works:

And I’ll immediately answer the question that many will have - yes, this is an analogue of the quite famous TransferSingle plugin. But, unlike TransferSingle, you can always contact us, and we are always ready to hear your comments and suggestions!

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

Hide old licenses

There are different types of licenses in ModPlus, but they all have one property - they end sooner or later. Subscription ends after the expiration of the term, and single-user licenses for plugins end when the user decides to upgrade to a new version of the program.

In the Personal Account, all expired licenses are displayed on a par with active ones, which can cause obvious discomfort. Therefore, we decided to add a small feature - now you can simply disable licenses. Just go to your personal account on the site and in your orders you will see the corresponding checkmark:

HideLicenses en

After checking the checkbox in your Personal Account, the marked licenses will not be displayed!

Tesla BIM - automation of internal electrical equipment in Revit

Logo TeslaBIM 800

I am glad to present you an interesting project - Tesla BIM. Tesla BIM is a Suite of programs for automating and facilitating the design of the internal electrical equipment section in Revit.

Tesla BIM, like ModPlus, is done by its authors with full enthusiasm. This means that the authors first of all care about the quality of their product! And given that the authors are qualified BIM coordinators for this direction, they know what they are doing and know how to do it right!

And Yes – at the moment, the Tesla BIM project is distributed completely free!

The ModPlus project will be very happy to help the Tesla BIM project develop and recommend it to all users working in the direction of internal electrical equipment!