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Revit 2020


Support for Revit 2020 starts today!

At the time of creation of this news, only General support has been added – connection to Revit. In the near future will be adapted and added the appropriate version of all functions

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ModPlus for Revit. Walls Reinforcement 2.0

The long-awaited update of the function Walls Reinforcement! Version

Not all our plans are implemented in this version - there is still a large wish list from the users of the function - but today there is an update, which is simply necessary, since the update contains fixes for many small bugs. However, in addition to fixes, the update contains new features. The most important innovation is the ability to create reinforcement from base plates!

I have demonstrated this novelty and several other features in the video:

But almost complete (some minor fixes, I do not indicate) changes:

  • Added the ability to create reinforcement joints (6 types) from base plates located directly under the walls to be processed
  • The list of diameters of reinforcing bars is changed according to GOST 34028-2016
  • Fixed a bug due to which it was not possible to update the default reinforcement settings
  • Changed the way of specifying the binding of rods of vertical reinforcement of walls from the drop-down list to the input field of multiples of 1 mm
  • Added display of information about the cover of the main reinforcement of walls, taking into account the entered data
  • Added the ability to not close the function window after creating reinforcement
  • Fixed a bug due to which previously created stirrups were not removed when re-reinforcing
  • When creating stirrups, the intersections are not taken into account, unless the "Reinforcement of intersections" checkbox is not checked
  • Added the ability to reset the default reinforcement settings to the values included in the function
  • Added option for processing the additional step of vertical reinforcement of walls - to shift to both edges of the wall
  • Fixed bug of function hanging when modeling stirrups with a step of less than 400 mm
  • Fixed loading of reinforcement diameters from saved reinforcement settings files in case the reinforcement bar types are not yet created in the document
  • Fixed incorrect calculation of the length of the part in T-shaped intersections with right angles
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ESKD plugin error

how to find a bug

Today, a problem was found in the ModPlus ESKD Function, which will lead to errors in working with intelligent primitives when changing the version of AutoCAD. That is, if you created primitives in the 2018 version, then in 2019 an error will appear when using them.

The solution to the problem was found, but it has dire consequences - after the update, which was released today, all previously created intellectual primitives will lose their performance. That is, when they are selected, an error will occur.

This is a forced step that just needs to be done so that there will be no problems in the future. I ask you to take into account this situation in your work and treat it with understanding

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