Copy along Curve


Copy along Curve

It's a free plugin!

  • Copy elements along curve with a given spacing


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    In the plugin window you should specify the copying parameters:

    Spacing, mm – distance between the copies of the selected elements to be created.

    Copy at the endpoint – if this option is enabled, a copy will be created at a distance equal to the curve length.

    Rotate along a curve – option allows you to save the rotation angle of copied elements relative to the curve.

    Start from projection – copying will start from the location of the element projection on the curve.

    Use the buttons below to select the elements and curves to copy:

    Select elements to copy – select elements to be copied in the model.

    Select curves to copy – select a curve in the model, along the trajectory of which the elements will be copied. It is recommended to use model lines and detail lines as a curve, but it can also be any linear element defined by two points (wall, pipe, etc.). Several curves connected to each other will be considered as one curve for copying.

    Execute – start copying elements according to the settings you have made.

  • Change history for

    2024 Year

    Revit: Copy along Curve (12.07.2024)

    Added "Start from projection" option.
    Added fittings accounting.
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