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Search and replace

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  • Search and replace text in specified search scopes
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    Search and replace text only in the checked search scopes, which are located on the left side of the plugin window.

    In the upper right part of the plugin window you can find the search settings and search and replace buttons.

    Find - field for entering the value you're looking for.

    Replace with - the field for entering a value to be replaced.

    Case sensitive - searches for uppercase and lowercase letters.

    Whole word - searches for values that are not part of other words.

    Regular expression – the search value will be handled as a regular expression. Regular expressions do not work for text notes.

    Search all - performs a search in the specified search scopes with the specified settings and shows the result in the search window (see below). The button will not be available if no value is specified in the Find field.

    Replace checked - replaces the checked search results. The button will not be available if the Replace with field is empty or there are no checked items in the search results.

    Search and replace all - performs a search in the specified search scopes with the specified settings and then replaces all the found values. At that the search results are not displayed. The button is not available, if no values are specified in the Find and Replace with fields.

    The search results are displayed at the right bottom of the plugin window. Each result position has a header indicating the model element, as well as the text in which the search was performed, with the found value highlighted. If the item is checked, it will be handled by the Replace checked function.

    2 - check all items in the list.
    3 - uncheck all items in the list.
    4 - clear the result list.
  • Change history for

    2022 Year

    Revit: Search and replace (25.03.2022)

    Added "Viewport title" search scope.

    Revit: Search and replace (11.03.2022)

    Added ability to turn off the "Regular expression" mode.

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