Split by height


Split by height

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  • Splitting walls and columns by levels, reference planes or by specified parameters


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    The plugin allows you to split walls and/or columns by height in one of the presented split methods. The split method is selected in the drop-down list at the top of the window:


    The middle part of the window contains the settings for the selected split method.

    You can set a top offset (down) and/or a bottom offset (up) for the new walls and/or columns resulting from the split.

    The Split walls and Split columns options specify which elements will be selected for processing.

    When you click the "Split" button, you will be offered to select the elements to be processed - manual selection or selection of all elements in the view, after which the selected elements will be split according to the selected splitting method.

    The plugin supports the following split methods:

    By levels

    Splitting walls and/or columns by specified levels. The levels are selected from the list of available levels:


    By reference planes

    Splitting walls and/or columns by selected reference planes. To be able to use the split method it is necessary to select the reference planes by clicking the corresponding Pick button:


    For this split method and for all subsequent split methods, you must also specify the top constraint for the walls:

    • Nearest level - the wall top will be referenced to the nearest level;
    • Nearest level from top - the wall top will be referenced to the nearest level above the wall. If no level is found above, the wall top will be referenced to the nearest level;
    • Unconnected height - the wall top will not be referenced to the level.

    The bottom of all new walls will be referenced to the nearest level.

    Maximum height

    Splitting walls and/or columns into an equal number of parts whose height will not exceed the specified value:


    For example, if the maximum height is specified 2000 mm and the wall height is 5000 mm, the wall will be divided into 3 parts with a height of 1667 mm.

    Exact height

    Splitting walls and/or columns into parts of a specified height:


    If the wall and/or column height does not divide by the specified value without a remainder, the remainder will be offset according to the selected option: to the top, to the middle or to the bottom.

    Parts count

    Splitting walls and/or columns into the specified number of parts:



    The plugin performs splitting of walls by copying the original wall and then changing the constraints. Walls with a cross section of variable thickness cannot be processed correctly!

    Walls with a modified profile (profile defined by a sketch) are only processed correctly in Revit 2022 and higher!

  • Change history for

    2023 Year

    Revit: Split by height (18.10.2023)

    Increased the tolerance used when checking the possibility of splitting from 1 to 20 mm.
    Fixed a bug that caused incorrect calculation of the number of parts in the "Maximum height" algorithm.

    Revit: Split by height (10.03.2023)

    Consideration of the column attachment when setting the offset.

    Revit: Split by height (18.02.2023)

    Fixed an error of wall splitting by levels when the wall has defined offsets.
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