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  • Author: 
    Pekshev Alexander
    Plugin for the formation and filling of general specifications


    About files with the extension .mpif

    The file with the .mpif extension is a special installation file of the ModPlus (ModPlus Install File).
    These files allow you to install and update all ModPlus components using the auto-update module in case you do not have access to the internet or modplus.org


    • ModPlus menu
    • ModPlus palette
    • AutoCAD ribbon
    • Command line: _mpSpecifications


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    Plugin allows you to add items to the context menu of AutoCAD, allowing you to expand the ability to work with the specifications:
    Context menu for tables: Add product from the database - allows you to add products from the plugin database directly into the AutoCAD table;
    Context menu for blocks: Add/change attributes for the specification - allows you to add attributes to the blocks for the specification (see details in the help)



    The upper part of the window contains elements for managing the current specification or loading previously saved.Drop-down list to select a specification allows you to load a previously saved specification.

    Only for the current file - when this check box is checked, only specifications saved in the current drawing will be displayed in the list of specifications

    Save - Saving the current specification for later use. Attention! Specification is saved once. Then all changes will be saved automatically! After you save the specification (or select a previously saved one), the save button will be replaced by the following buttons:

    3 - delete current specification. Attention! Specification is permanently deleted
    4 - creating a new (empty) specification

    Plugin window will look like this:


    Next are the elements for adding items to the current specification and editing them.:

    Drop-down list

    - list contains three options for the specification item.:
    Add from base- adding a position from the database to the specification
    Add subsection - adding a subsection description to the specification
    Manual input - adding a manually filled position


    - Opens a window for adding a position, according to the selected option in the drop-down list:

    Add from base:
    This window is very similar to the main window of the plugin Product insert.

    Add subsection:

    In the window you can select standard values from the list or enter your own value

    Manual input:


    When you check the Steel box, the window will take the following form:


    5 - при выбранной позиции в спецификации открывает окно редактирования по аналогии с кнопкой добавления
    6 - Add drawing objects that are ModPlus products to the current specification. Such objects include blocks created by the plugin Product insert, entities with extended data describing products/materials, and blocks that have special attributes for specification.
    Rounding mass - rounding (number of decimal places) for fractional mass values in the current specification

    Next is a field that displays the current specification (based on a table according to form 7 of GOST 21.1101) and several controls:

    7 - move selected item up
    8 - move selected item down
    3 - delete the selected item (irrevocably!)

    Attention! You can change the values of Position, Count и Notes directly in the table!

    Below are the output options for the current specification:

    Fill table - select an AutoCAD table to populate with its current specification. Works similar to the plugin Products to table

    Insert table - insert in AutoCAD the current specification in the form of a table. The table view is selected in the drop-down list next to the button


    Plugin settings are opened with the corresponding button in the upper right corner of the window:


    Context menu for tables: Add product from the database - allows you to add products from the database directly to the AutoCAD table

    Context menu for blocks: Add/change attributes for specification - allows you to add attributes for specification to blocks (see below)

    Settings for tables are similar to settings in the plugin Tables.

    Attributes for specification


    The item in the context menu MP: Attributes for the specification МР:Атрибуты для спецификации appears in the menu for blocks. When you click on this item, a window appears similar to manually entering values into the specification.:


    If the block already contains attributes for the specification, the window will be filled with values. By clicking on the Accept for the selected block, attributes for the specification will be added and filled:


    Attention! If Steel was checked when adding attributes, then the Name value is filled in under certain conditions. Therefore, it is not advisable to edit the value of this attribute through the properties palette (or the attribute editor). because this can lead to errors in the plugin processing blocks with attributes.

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