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  • Plugin for quickly creating Totals with the possibility of obtaining values from the drawing

    Call options

    • ModPlus menu
    • ModPlus palette
    • AutoCAD ribbon
    • Command line: _mpTotals


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    Plugin collects data from tables inserted into the current document. The list of reference documents is collected according to the regulatory documents that are present in the plugin database

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    ATTENTION! For the plugin to work correctly, must be installed: plugin Tables, Data bases version not lower


    The main window of the plugin can be conditionally divided into three zones: a file with data (top of the window), tables (the main center of the window) and settings (open when you click on the corresponding icon).
    In the upper right part of the window, you can select the country according to the norms of which the tables will be inserted.

    Data file

    All data entered into the tables should be stored in a special file. Otherwise, after closing the plugin window, data will be lost!
    The text box displays the name of the data file, if any, and is attached to the current drawing.

    5 - saving the entered data to a special file. The file name is formed as Drawing name_totals.xml. The file name is saved in the extended drawing data. It is desirable that the drawing has already been saved
    6 - reading data from an existing file. The file name is saved in the extended drawing data.


    Contains three tables (Ведомость чертежей, Ведомость спецификаций, Ведомость ссылочных документов) and elements for managing tables, displaying tables, and retrieving data

    7 - adds a new row to the current table. The row is added according to the Insert below principle
    8 - deletes the selected row in the current table
    9 - moves the selected line up one position
    10 - moves the selected line down one position

    Insert table - go to AutoCAD to specify a point
    Insertion point:
    Specify a point. The corresponding table will be inserted at the specified point

    Get Totals - opens the data acquisition dialog box. Data can be collected in model space or in specified sheets:



    Search only in current drawing - indicates that data is searched only in the current drawing. If the checkmark is unchecked, you can optionally specify open drawings for data search.

    In the dialog box, you should configure the parameters for data search:

    For tab In model:

    ModPlus formats - as formats, the plugin will accept ModPlus formats created by the corresponding plugin Formats

    Formats from the list (in the form of blocks) - as formats, the plugin will perceive the specified blocks

    For tab In layouts:

    In the list of layouts you need to check the required layouts.

    Select All / Uncheck all - set or clear all checkmarks in the list

    Collect: - indication of relevant data to search. The list of reference documents verifies the matching of the documents available in the database. Search by tables, callouts and texts



    Create file automatically - If this option is enabled and the current document is saved, the general data storage file (Drawing name_totals.xml) will be automatically created in the location directory of the current drawing when the plugin starts.

    Inserting tables - property settings for inserted tables: Table scale, Text height, Row height, Text style.

  • Change history for

    2023 Year

    AutoCAD: Totals (08.11.2023)

    Using the ModPlus.Xaml.Behaviors.Wpf.dll library instead of Microsoft.Xaml.Behaviors.dll to resolve compatibility issues with other plugins.

    AutoCAD: Totals (12.05.2023)

    Added extraction of the tables file from the "Tables" plugin resources (if available).

    2022 Year

    AutoCAD: Totals (20.12.2022)

    Fixed a bug where some sheets could be skipped when collecting data from model space.

    2021 Year

    AutoCAD: Totals (23.11.2021)

    Removing wrapping from the sheet name.

    AutoCAD: Totals (25.09.2021)

    Amended due to the replacement of title blocks according to GOST R 21.1101-2013 with title blocks according to GOST R 21.101-2020.

    AutoCAD: Totals (11.09.2021)  Read more

    Added ability to write back sheet number and name, specification name.
    Added adaptivity to the main window of the plugin (ability to stretch the window).
    Some code refactoring completed.
    Fixed bug of reading sheet name from wrong cell for stamps: GOST 21.1101 Form F4, DSTU A.2.4-4 Form F4 t STB 2255 Form E2.

    2020 Year

    AutoCAD: Totals (30.07.2020)

    Fixed the error of receiving data from title blocks within the format boundaries when collecting data from a model.

    AutoCAD: Totals (05.05.2020)

    Corrections based on changes to the table file storage folder.

    2019 Year

    AutoCAD: Totals (19.07.2019)

    Fixed problem adding not valid (empty name) text style to the list of text styles.

    2018 Year

    AutoCAD: Totals (24.11.2018)

    Added the ability to collect data from open drawings.
    ModPlusStyle style.

    AutoCAD: Totals (02.09.2018)

    Fixed bug when installing the function for AutoCAD version 2013.

    AutoCAD: Totals (28.06.2018)

    Replacement of the main icons of the function with the addition of icons for the dark AutoCAD ribbon design theme.
    Fixed error of minimizing the function window when starting it from the floating menu.

    AutoCAD: Totals (24.03.2018)

    Fixed the problem of getting data from tables in the case when the user coordinate system is installed in the drawing.

    2017 Year

    AutoCAD: Totals (24.04.2017)

    Changes are made to keep the base tables in one file..

    AutoCAD: Totals (30.03.2017)

    Added handling of stamps and tables of specifications for standards of Ukraine (DSTU B A. 2.4-4:2009) and Belarus (STB 2255-2012).

    AutoCAD: Totals (18.01.2017)

    Fixed bug when working with AutoCAD version 2013.

    AutoCAD: Totals (18.01.2017)

    Added receive data sheets, including the processing of viewpoints on these pages.
    Upon receipt of the statement of added processing drawings stamps on forms 4, 5, 6, 9, 9a (GOST 21.1101-2013).
    The window functions added to the status bar.
    Some bugs fixed in the code.

    2016 Year

    AutoCAD: Totals (06.04.2016)

    Small changes in the code.
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