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New plugin for Revit: Model cleaning

Meet the new free function - Model cleaning.


Using this function, you can delete elements in the project in certain categories, which at the time of the function a little more than 40! You can also delete unused elements, similar to the standard Revit command.

I hope the function will be very useful to You. Remember - you can suggest items for cleaning, which we will be happy to add to the function.

Enjoy your work with the ModPlus plugin!

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Work with legal entities


In last news I reported that in the development plans of the plugin ModPlus implementation in project organizations. Three important and serious steps are planned for this purpose. And today I am pleased to announce the second, most important, step.

Now I can officially work with legal entities, making sales by Bank transfer and concluding a license agreement with organizations. My details can be found on the page Contacts and details.

Also, a new method was added to the payment methods – Bank Transfer payment. This method creates an order with the details of the buyer organization and allows me to invoice for payment. The main advantage of this method is that the purchased activation keys will be stored in the user's personal account. Of course the organization-the buyer can apply directly, without registration on the site.

In connection with the innovations on the site in the help was supplemented article Binding and purchase.

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Plugin «Tools» for Revit: New command «Rebars outside host»

Function Tools contains commands that are too small to make them separate functions. And today another one is added to the list of commands - "Rebars outside host".

The principle of operation is simple - you run a check in the current project, and the command is looking for rebars, which is located outside its host. If the rebar has the "Single" layout, then the check is made on its position in the host. If there are other types of layout, then a check is made that the rebar protrusion from the host. The command also works with rebars in the system (included in, for example, area reinforcement) and performs a check for protrusion from the host. Test result (rebars) can be selected:


To be honest, I'm not quite sure about the need for such command. Just asked my wife to make her =)

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