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New Year's discounts of 80%


From December 27, 2019 to January 7, 2020, you can use the 80% discount on all purchases!
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I wish you happiness in the new year!

Replacing the auxiliary library System.Windows.Interactivity.dll

There is such a library - System.Windows.Interactivity.dll - used by many projects that have WPF. In the ModPlus project as well. And there is one very important point when using it – you can take it from the Blend SDK (Installed with Visual Studio), and you can use the NuGet package. And there are such situations that the user has plugins with different versions of this library on the computer. Sometimes it doesn't bring problems. But there are also reverse cases. One of these cases is known at the moment - if you use Dynamo and the node package, then an error will occur when ModPlus is installed. And the error will occur in Dynamo and the problem is in the nodes, but it is easier and faster to fix it to me.

After studying a little bit of the Internet, I learned that in 2018, Microsoft released another library - Microsoft.Xaml.Behaviors.dll - which replaces the outdated System.Windows.Interactivity.dll. Therefore, by my willful decision, I delete the System.Windows.Interactivity.dll from ModPlus, replacing it with Microsoft.Xaml.Behaviors.dll. The corresponding updates will be released today.

Why did I read all this? – you may ask. The fact is that this is a" dangerous " update that can break everything. If something does not work after the automatic update, you should perform the update using the web installer. If this does not help, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can correct the situation as quickly as possible.

But I hope everything goes smoothly!

Thank you for your understanding!

New plugin for Revit: Batch Rename in Families

On the eve of the New Year, we give you a new unique plugin - Batch Renam in families.

Do you need to rename parameters or types in dozens of families? Our plugin will help you with this!

You want to make this plugin better - its code is available on GitHub!

For the development of the main part of the plugin I want to express my gratitude to Zhekov Fedor!

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

New plugin for Revit: Worksets

On the Internet, you can find several plugins for working with worksets. But how many I did not watch them - they allow only to create worksets in the document.

Such functionality seemed to me too limited, and I decided to make my own plugin for working with worksets. In addition to a flexible system for configuring, importing and exporting, the plugin supports the ability to assign worksets to elements based on filtering settings!

You can see part of the main functionality in the video:

I am sure that the plugin will still expand and replenish with functionality. It all depends on your responsiveness, my dear users!

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

ModPlus for Revit. Sheet copy: new sheet name


The Sheet Copy plugin gradually turns from a small plugin into a multifunctional harvester. I don't know if it's good or bad. But almost all innovations are added at the request of users.

And today I present you another innovation - now you can completely change the name of the sheet for duplicates. You will notice the corresponding property in the list of sheets in the left part of the plugin window.

And to make setting new sheet names more convenient, I added a dialog to find and replace text in new sheet names.

I hope this new opportunity will be useful. Enjoy your work with ModPlus