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Published: 13 July 2017


Congratulations user - Ренат Хузеханов (login Renat77). He became 1400 registered user and gets a 50% discount on all purchases!


New function - Dwg base

Published: 04 June 2017

Meet the new and, I'm more than sure, the most unique function – Dwg base!

You might think - "So what’s unique here? Function with base blocks and drawings. Surely there are plenty of such ..." But no! This function has two distinct features.:

1) Download files on demand. Let me explain - when you install or update the dwg database, then only one file is downloaded to your computer as an xml file. But when you open a function, find some necessary block or drawing in the database, then when you try to insert it, the function will offer you to download this file! You do not need to download your ALL database of blocks and drawings, but only those files that are necessary for you! Of course, there is an option for those who do not have access to the internet network - on the base page on the site you can download both the pointer file and all the necessary files from the base.

2) Base occupancy is made by ITS USERS! This is the most important uniqueness! The function has the ability to create your local database. And there is an opportunity to send this database to the site server! Not all of course, but selectively, at the discretion of users. Once a week, and maybe more often, I will check the sent files (you can't blindly believe anyone) and add them to the main database.

I express my deep gratitude to two people who are always actively helping me. Firstly, Vladimir Malyugin, who first added blocks to the base. And he did it manually even while I was developing the function! Secondly, Maxim Markevich, who, despite the tight schedule due to the release of his new course on Revit, found a free evening and recorded a video presentation of the new function:

As always, when new features are released, I hope the users are responsive. I don’t have a group of testers and errors in the function are possible. Therefore, be careful and save before using the function. And of course write about the errors found and suggestions on the forum.
I have it all. Enjoy your work with ModPlus plugin


Revit 2018

Published: 22 April 2017


Perhaps this will be the shortest news =)

From today, ModPlus plugin supports Revit 2018


The nearest update of the entire plugin

Published: 18 April 2017

Update 640x400

Time to updated!

It is under this simple slogan that this news will go. As you know, the plugin uses Metro style artwork and a third-party library is responsible for this artwork. And the biggest problem of this library is that i can’t just easily take it and replace it. Even if the function has no windows, it all depends on this library. I will not ship you how and why, just take my word.

But it's time to update it. And the main reason for this is that there are errors in the library itself. And sometimes these errors go sideways when working functions. For example, fatal errors when closing function windows. Unfortunately, I can’t check it for 100%, so I’ll just believe that the fixes and improvements in the library will affect the functions of the plugin.

I have already started doing this update. If everything goes as I plan, by the end of the week there will be an update. And here is the most important point. – it will be an update of TOTAL. All working libraries and all functions. And if something suddenly stops working, then be ready to reinstall the entire plug-in - i.e. make backups of keys and configuration file!

Well, let's not forget that just recently Revit 2018 was released. Its support will also be added with the update described above..

I have it all. Thank you for your attention and pleasant work with the plugin ModPlus


New features in the "Products" section

Published: 18 April 2017

Meet Updating features from the "Products" section, which simply can not pass by!

Since everything is interconnected, the update comes out at once for 4 plugins – Product insert, Specifications, Products to table, Product position.

And if earlier you could only use blocks (not for all documents in the database) drawn by the function Product insert, now you can write extended data to any primitive, as well as use special attributes for specification.

I can't describe the whole words, so the unchanged "reviewer" of the plugin – Maxim Markevich – kindly did another review:

Probably affected by the fact that Maxim recorded the video at night - he misled the audience a little)) The fact is that the new opportunity Attributes for specification it is necessary just to use them with blocks NOT being products. Therefore, just in case, I decided to post a video example of how the new features work. The video does not contain music and sound. Yes, and the script as such - I just turned on the recording and started doing something =))

I have it all. Enjoy your work with ModPlus plugin


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