Batch Sheets Export

Batch Sheets Export

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It's a free plugin!

  • Plugin allows you to export all specified sheets to dwg/dxf


    About files with the extension .mpif

    The file with the .mpif extension is a special installation file of the ModPlus (ModPlus Install File).
    These files allow you to install and update all ModPlus components using the auto-update module in case you do not have access to the internet or


    • Renga main menu


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    The function window displays all sheets of the current project at startup


    To the right of the list there are auxiliary buttons that allow you to select all the sheets in the list, deselect all the sheets in the list or invert the selection. By default, all sheets are selected.

    The export settings are below:

    Export to – export variant: dwg or dxf

    AutoCAD file version – select the version of the AutoCAD file to which the sheets will be exported

    Overwrite existing files – if the check mark is set and files with the same name as the sheet being exported will be in the export folder, the file will be overwritten. If the check mark is not set and there will be files with the same name in the destination folder, then the suffix will be added to the name of the sheet being exported

    Export – selecting a folder for export and launching batch export sheets


    Files with the file extension .mpif is used to install or update components and plugins in case of lack of access to the internet! ModPlus is installed using the web installer
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