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Sheet numerator

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  • Plugin allows to renumber sheets in the project
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    Renumbering of sheets is carried out within one group of sheets. You can display all sheets by analogy with the current settings of the project manager or display all sheets in one group. There is an opportunity to change the position of sheets by moving them in the group, while maintaining the initial numbering of sheets in this group

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    In the upper left part of the window there is a drop-down list with the option of displaying sheets.:

    Display by groups – with this option, the list will be filled in by analogy with the project browser. Sheets will be placed in groups according to the browser organization settings

    Display all – With this option, all sheets will be displayed in one group

    7 - reload sheet list. The button becomes active if the sheets in the list have been moved, but the numbering has not been applied

    Below is a field that displays the sheets in groups. Sheets in the list can be dragged with the mouse. You can drag sheets only within one group. When you select a list or group in the list, a preliminary renumbering will be automatically performed - the sheets will change the number according to the current renumbering settings. At the same time, a warning icon may appear to the left of the sheet:

    5 - indicates that the number of this sheet, with the current renumbering settings, coincides with the number of another sheet. No renumbering possible

    If unchecked Enable move renumbering and at the same time move at least one sheet in the list, then a warning icon will appear at the bottom of the list:

    6 - this icon indicates that the position of the sheets in the list does not match the position of the sheets in the project browser. If this icon is displayed, it is not possible to enable the renumbering option by moving. The icon will disappear as soon as the renumbering with the current position of the sheets is applied

    Enable move renumbering – when this option is enabled, the possibility of renumbering sheets in the group by specified settings is disabled. If you move the sheet in the list of sheets, all the sheets in the group will be renumbered: the position of the sheets relative to each other will change, but the continuous numbering in the group will remain the same

    It was Moved It became
    • 01 – Initial view
    • 02 – Total information
    • 03 – Title
    Sheet Title moved to position between sheets Initial view and Total information
    • 01 – Initial view
    • 02 – Title
    • 03 – Total information

    In the right part there are fields with re-numbering settings for the current group

    Simple numbering settings for a group


    Prefix, Suffix – fields for specifying the prefix and suffix in the new sheet numbers, respectively

    Numeric field – field to set the initial numbering number

    Extended numbering settings for group


    Part 1,2,3 - customizable part of the sheet number. New sheet numbers will be composed of parts and separators between parts.

    For each part, you can specify a prefix, suffix and number. The number can be made static or dynamic (increasing or decreasing). In the case of setting a dynamic descending number, you should also set the upper limit - the number from which the numbering will start when it reaches zero. Settings for a number are displayed when focus is received by the number input field.

    Write the value of X in the parameter Y – when checking one of 7 possible values of X (all number, part value or part number value) will be written to the selected parameter of the sheet Y

    General numbering settings


    Start numbering from selected sheet in the group – if the option is enabled, the preliminary renumbering will not be performed on all sheets in the group, but only starting from the selected sheet. The settings are applied to the group both when the entire group is selected in the list, and when a sheet is included in the list that is included in the group

    3 - allows you to disable display of the preliminary renumbering for the current group
    4 - allows you to enable display of the preliminary renumbering for the current group

    Apply – allows you to commit changes to the numbering of sheets in the current project according to the settings for the numbering for the group

  • Change history for

    2023 Year

    Revit: Sheet numerator (01.01.2023)

    Changed icons.
    Added command access settings on the ribbon.

    2022 Year

    Revit: Sheet numerator (28.10.2022)

    Added move batch numbering.
    Added an explanation why move numbering is unavailable.

    Revit: Sheet numerator (27.09.2022)

    Added accounting for repeating sheet numbers in a group when using simple numbering with the "Start numbering from the selected sheet in the group" option enabled.

    Revit: Sheet numerator (29.06.2022)

    Fixed a critical error in displacement numbering that would cause a fatal error in Revit.

    Revit: Sheet numerator (21.06.2022)

    Fixed an error setting the prefix from a parameter in Revit versions older than 2023.

    Revit: Sheet numerator (05.06.2022)

    The plugin window is made non-modal (does not block the Revit window).

    Revit: Sheet numerator (02.06.2022)

    Added the possibility to add additional numbering to the sheet name.

    Revit: Sheet numerator (14.05.2022)

    Added possibility to specify in which sheets to write the count of sheets in the group - in all or in the first one.

    Revit: Sheet numerator (13.05.2022)

    Added the possibility to add a prefix and/or suffix from the sheet parameter to the sheet number, as well as to write the number of sheets in the group to the specified parameter.

    2021 Year

    Revit: Sheet numerator (13.09.2021)

    Added possibility to set leading zeros for the sheet number.

    2020 Year

    Revit: Sheet numerator (03.06.2020)

    Improved algorithm for building a tree based on a project browser with a high level of nesting.

    Revit: Sheet numerator (01.05.2020)

    Fixed a bug in which the value of numbering recorded in the parameter when disable the advanced settings of the numbering.

    2019 Year

    Revit: Sheet numerator (26.12.2019)

    Update related to replacement of support library.

    Revit: Sheet numerator (24.12.2019)

    Fixed error "Index was outside the bounds of the array" when reading the sheets of the project.

    Revit: Sheet numerator (28.09.2019)

    Added saving of input values of the component parts of the number of the page for advanced configuration numbering.

    Revit: Sheet numerator (13.05.2019)

    Added advanced settings for the numbering of sheets with the ability to record part numbers in the parameter.
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