Slabs reinforcement

Slabs reinforcement

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  • Analysis, grouping and reinforcement of slabs for specified conditions


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    Plugin allows you to process both individually selected slabs, and all slabs in the view or in the document. The main reinforcement of the slab can be performed as separate rebars, or area reinforcement. The analysis of holes is made from the geometry of the slab itself and does not depend on the used families. Plugin can work even on an empty template


    The main window of the plugin is divided into three zones: selection and analysis, reinforcement settings for slabs and final settings and starting the reinforcement process.


    There are options in the window title:

    3 – opens the window for setting preferred shapes of rebars:


    The drop-down lists in this window are filled with shapes from the current open document.

    4 – general plugin settings:


    In the group Reinforcement by default you can specify the reinforcement settings that will be set for slabs by default

    Selection and analysis

    Select – opens the slabs selection window:


    Only slabs with the enabled property Structural get into the filtering of the selection.

    Analysis – start analysis of geometric and parametric data of selected slabs, including hole analysis.

    Slab Reinforcement Settings

    Important! The direction of reinforcement in the slabs is set based on the given direction of span direction in the slab sketch. The direction of the segment indicating the span direction corresponds to the direction of the longitudinal reinforcement in the slab reinforcement

    On the left side of the zone are two tables. The top is filled with slabs that have been successfully analyzed. For each slab, a checkmark is checked by default in the list, meaning that for this slab, reinforcement is required. The bottom list is filled with holes for the selected slab. For each hole for which it is possible to create a border, a checkmark is set by default to indicate that the hole needs to be framed. If the framing of a hole of a certain shape is not provided by the plugin, the checkmark will be unavailable, and the corresponding icon with a pop-up message will be displayed for the hole.

    On the right side of the zone are tabs for specifying settings for a particular type of reinforcement. The contents of the reinforcement settings will be discussed later.
    On the Framing holes tab there is also a preview field of the outline of the plate with the contours of the holes. The hole selected in the list on the left is highlighted in the preview field. You can also zoom and move the image, and the Zoom all command is available in the context menu of the field.

    There are buttons at the bottom of each tab:

    6 – allows you to copy the reinforcement settings of the current tab to the checked slabs (for the Slab Reinforcement tab) or checked holes (for the Hole Framing tab)
    8 – allows you to export the current reinforcement settings to an xml file
    7 – allows you to load reinforcement settings from a previously exported xml file of reinforcement settings

    Final settings and starting the reinforcement process

    In the row Create: you can specify what type of reinforcement will be created for checked slabs and holes

    In the processed slabs (Floor) a rebar cover ... - sets the option of setup a rebar cover in the processed slabs. When creating reinforcement, the rebar cover in the slabs is pre-set to 0 in order to avoid uncontrolled shear of the reinforcement when creating.

    Delete reinforcement previously created by the plugin – this option allows you to remove the reinforcement created by the plugin, if you want to re-create it.

    Create reinforcement – start creating reinforcement of checked categories for checked slabs and holes.


    General reinforcement settings


    In this group, the basic settings for reinforcement are set, which are used when creating any type of reinforcement

    Basic (background) reinforcement


    In this group, the background reinforcement of the slab is configured.

    Create Reinforcement - allows you to disable the creation of background reinforcement in a particular slab, regardless of all other reinforcement groups.

    In all other groups, the checkbox Create reinforcement performs the same function - allows you to disable the reinforcement of a particular group in the current slab.

    If the number of meshes of the background reinforcement is set to 1, then creating a frame along the contour and the frame of the holes will be impossible!

    You can create background reinforcement with both individual rods and Area Reinforcement. If you select Area Reinforced, you can create in three ways.:

    • Use Area Reinforcement for each direction in each mesh (i.e., with two meshes, four Area Reinforcement elements will be created)
    • Use Area Reinforcement for each direction (i.e., with two meshes, two Area Reinforcement elements will be created)
    • Use Area Reinforcement for the entire background reinforcement. In this case, one Area Reinforcement element will be created.

    Attention! In all cases, except for creating the entire background reinforcement with one element of Area Reinforcement, the location of the longitudinal and transverse reinforcement in the upper and lower mesh relative to each other is the same. When creating background reinforcement with one Area Reinforcement element, the location of the reinforcement of the upper and lower mesh is mirrored

    You can set various settings for the longitudinal and transverse reinforcement of the upper and lower mesh.

    Attention! The main settings for reinforcement, as well as settings for background reinforcement, are taken into account when creating all other types of reinforcement, regardless of whether background reinforcement is created.

    Ends reinforcement


    End reinforcement is carried out by creating U-shaped rebars with a background reinforcement step.

    Calculate the length of the U-shaped rebar – hereinafter - calculation of the length of the rod or the length of the anchoring according to SP 52-101-2003:



    The framing of the holes depends on the results of the analysis of the geometry of the slab. Highest Success Rate for Rectangular and Round Holes.

    Holes with sizes up to 300 mm are not framed. It is not possible to specify reinforcement for such holes and include them in machining.

    Holes with sizes up to 300 mm are grouped and processed as one if the distance between the boundaries of such holes is less than 100 mm.

    Straight rods in the longitudinal direction. Straight bars in the transverse direction


    Indent from the hole: – set from the edge of the hole to the middle of the reinforcing bar.

    U-shaped rods in the longitudinal direction. U-shaped rods in the transverse direction


    Diagonal reinforcement


    Indirect reinforcement is performed at 45 degrees to the outer corners of the hole. When calculating the anchoring length, the length of the rods is specified as two anchoring lengths

  • 2020 Year

    Revit: Slabs reinforcement (27.12.2020)

    • Fix Fixed a bug that occurred when creating an outline frame in some cases.

    Revit: Slabs reinforcement (26.12.2020)

    • Fix Fixed launch error after updating working libraries.

    Revit: Slabs reinforcement (05.12.2020)

    • New Added the ability not to change the bend diameters for existing types of reinforcement.
    • New Added joining of frame rebars for openings when they intersect.
    • Improved Improved algorithm for creating a contour for reinforcement.
    • Improved Added the ability to enter offset and step of bars in the frame of openings, rather than select from the list.
    • Improved Added sorting of holes in the list by frame availability.

    Revit: Slabs reinforcement (12.10.2020)

    • New Added selection of the document by which the bend diameter is adjusted for rebar types. Read more
    • Fix Fixed a bug where the anchoring / overlap calculation window was hidden behind the main plugin window when the "Over Windows" setting was enabled.

    Revit: Slabs reinforcement (14.09.2020)

    • New Updated built-in function for calculating anchoring length.
    • Improved Fixed sizes of created U-shaped bars in the frame of openings.
    • Improved The maximum permissible value of the rebar cover of the main reinforcement is increased to 100 mm.

    Revit: Slabs reinforcement (01.08.2020)

    • New Added the ability to select the type of reinforcement being created: longitudinal and transverse, only longitudinal, only transverse.
    • New Added the ability to select or deselect all openings in the list.
    • Improved Added the ability to set a protective layer from the ends in multiples of 1 mm.
    • Fix Fixed error loading rebar type from saved reinforcement settings.

    Revit: Slabs reinforcement (09.06.2020)

    • Improved Significant changes and improvements in the algorithms to determine the contours of the slab to create area reinforcement.

    Revit: Slabs reinforcement (08.06.2020)

    • Fix Fixed bug in the plugin related to file is missing RevitGeometryExporter.dll.

    Revit: Slabs reinforcement (06.06.2020)

    • Improved Improved algorithm for determining the external and internal contours of the slab.
    • Improved Improved hole grouping algorithm.
    • Improved Improved contour detection algorithm for creating area reinforcement in slabs of complex configuration.
    • Fix Fixed an error that occurs if the "Area Reinforcement" option is selected in the background reinforcement settings for the method of creating reinforcement, and background reinforcement creation is disabled.
    • Fix Fixed an error when creating U-shaped bars in the frame of holes when the "Set with background reinforcement step" option is enabled, if only one part can be created on one of the faces of the hole.
    • Fix Fixed an error in creating U-shaped bars in the frame of holes with an incorrect step when the "Set with background reinforcement step" option is enabled when the background reinforcement is created by Area Reinforcement.

    Revit: Slabs reinforcement (27.04.2020)

    • Fix Fixed markup in the element of frame holes settings.

    Revit: Slabs reinforcement (26.04.2020)

    • New Added the ability to set the values of some text parameters for the created reinforcement. Read more
    • New Added the ability to reinforce holes of complex shapes, provided that all edges of the hole are parallel to the directions of reinforcement.
    • New Added ability to save current reinforcement settings as default reinforcement settings.
    • New Added the ability to create U-shaped rods in the frame of holes with a step of background reinforcing rods.
    • New Added the ability to set the step of the rods for straight rods framing holes.
    • New Added the ability to set the step multiplicity of U-shaped rods at the ends of plates with respect to the step of the background reinforcement rods.
    • New Added the ability to create each U-shaped part at the ends of the plate with a separate rod.
    • New Added the ability to apply the installed protective layer directly to the background mesh reinforcement.
    • Improved Added the ability to specify the type of reinforcing bar in the drop-down lists by entering a value.
    • Improved The icon of the button for copying reinforcement settings has been changed.
    • Improved Improved hole search algorithm.
    • Improved At the preview, a description rectangle display has been added for holes whose edges are not parallel to the reinforcement directions and for holes that have a complex shape.
    • Fix Added the ability to specify the value of the design resistance greater than 415 MPa in the window for calculating anchoring.
    • Fix The length of the U-shaped rods at the ends is now set according to the outer dimensions of the rod, in accordance with GOST 21.501-2018, clause 6.4.7.

    Revit: Slabs reinforcement (07.04.2020)

    • Fix Fixed saving the reinforcement settings in the xml file.