Copying blocks with attribute numbering

Once upon a time in the plug-in there was such a function "Copy blocks with numbering of attributes". When the plugin corresponded to the modular version, I immediately decided that I would do one function (Copy with numbering), but which would work with both text and blocks. For a long time did not reach this hand, but it happened - it was very necessary for me at work this function! And I can afford such whims as the appearance of a function at will =)
In general - now the function Copying with numbering (version works with the attributes of blocks. Those. a block with numbering of attributes is copied. I will say at once - for this function I have some other plans for improvement, but it will happen later.

Overview of the Polylines function

It was a pleasant surprise for me this morning - went to the VK, and Maxim sent me another review on the plugin. And it is a surprise, because he did it entirely on his own initiative!
In this review he considered only one function Polylines. But I will remind you that this function is a collection, in which there are already 10 functions for working with polylines. In general - see for yourself ))

FIRST video review

It was done! The first video review of the plug-in appeared! No scenarios and stand! Just the user saw the plugin, potestil and pretended to do a review!

While I was looking, I could not even believe it! Did I really do it ?! How can I imagine how much work was done....
Many thanks to Maxim, who volunteered and made this video! Naturally, he received a constant discount on all functions of all versions of the plug-in, so he does not target prices =)))))

Mean line between curves

If you suddenly do not know, then the plug-in has a community in the VK. And today in discussions there I was asked to make a new function that builds an average line between two polylines.
The function was not difficult, so I left it for writing one evening =) Although, I did not think over all the nuances that may arise in its work - this task I assign to users!

Meet – collection of functions for working with polylines (from version added one more feature "Construction of the middle line". The middle line is built between the two specified curves, which means between segments, polylines and splines. Naturally, these pairs do not have to be equal.

mpPl-MiddleLineNaturally, my version is different from the existing analogs! Namely - in my version, the constructed middle line can be immediately simplified! Those. remove from the polyline points that lie on the same line (this function is also separate). In general - fewer words! Upgrade and try!

P.S. I apologize that there is still no certificate. I do not like to do them, and the free time is not enough now

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