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Scaling of Formats

When I got into the design institute many years ago, my acquaintance with AutoCAD happened. But the trouble is that there were no teachers according to the program and it was necessary to master yourself, absorbing the experience and experience of colleagues. And colleagues, in most cases, were "aunts" - I think many people know the application of this word to the design sphere ))

So - in those days, everyone used AutoCAD, as they say, as a "Cullman in the TV." Which is not surprising - many in fact before that years and worked on the Cullman. As I recall the callouts made by segments and text - he already throws a shiver. About the notes, also performed in single-line text, generally keep quiet! Naturally, I also had to work on the scheme "Cullman in the TV." Many people know this scheme - everything is done in the model, everything is drawn as it should turn out on paper. And if you need to draw a plan in the 50th scale, then take a calculator in hand and draw, multiplying everything by 2...

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Set up your own base of products!


A very interesting question was asked at the forum - "can I "disable" bases that I do not need?". Of course, it's about function Product Insert.

Thinking a bit, I came to the next:
1. The realization of this possibility is not as complicated as it seems
2. I have not seen anything like this in other products

As a result, the function Product Insert (version has the ability to edit the list of documents used by the function.

I did not stuff this window with various "chips", such as searching for documents or grouping them into sections - all the documents go in a solid list. I think, the opportunity will not be so widely in demand, so it did not waste energy on it. Who needs to disable some documents - he will cope with this and having an ordinary list =)

New function? Yes! Immediately 9 functions!


Here is such a surprise waiting for users ModPlus - just 9 new functions in one! And all for free!!!

mpPlinesEdit - this is a collection of functions for working with polylines. In principle - all of them can be found on the Internet in one way or another. Some of them may be useless to someone, and some - very much the opposite. Immediately I say that although there are analogs of these functions, only the idea was taken as a basis. The implementation is written from scratch

And why these functions are combined into one? It's simple - some of them are small enough to be "single". Yes to the same, I have less trouble working.

There is no Help and Video yet - for me this is the most uninteresting and unloved occupation)) Over time, of course, everything will be. Although I'm sure that their absence will not cause problems, because one of the main ideas of the plug-in - the functions should be simple and understandable!

I hope you will benefit from this set of functions. And of course, on the forum you can throw ideas for similar functions

Pleasant work for everyone

Mini functions 1

If you follow the updates, you will notice that this morning there was an update of the working files. Well, more precisely - last night. And after going into the history of changes, they saw that a new (until the first and only) mini-function "Set Nested Objects to ByBlock"

So what is it? - you ask. Now I will explain, at the same time telling where the idea was born

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