New function? Yes! Immediately 9 functions!


Here is such a surprise waiting for users ModPlus - just 9 new functions in one! And all for free!!!

mpPlinesEdit - this is a collection of functions for working with polylines. In principle - all of them can be found on the Internet in one way or another. Some of them may be useless to someone, and some - very much the opposite. Immediately I say that although there are analogs of these functions, only the idea was taken as a basis. The implementation is written from scratch

And why these functions are combined into one? It's simple - some of them are small enough to be "single". Yes to the same, I have less trouble working.

There is no Help and Video yet - for me this is the most uninteresting and unloved occupation)) Over time, of course, everything will be. Although I'm sure that their absence will not cause problems, because one of the main ideas of the plug-in - the functions should be simple and understandable!

I hope you will benefit from this set of functions. And of course, on the forum you can throw ideas for similar functions

Pleasant work for everyone

Mini functions 1

If you follow the updates, you will notice that this morning there was an update of the working files. Well, more precisely - last night. And after going into the history of changes, they saw that a new (until the first and only) mini-function "Set Nested Objects to ByBlock"

So what is it? - you ask. Now I will explain, at the same time telling where the idea was born

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ModPlus and Avast Antivirus

AVASTAvast - quite good and high-quality antivirus, which is both paid and free. But there is one nasty little thing in it - it can interfere with the ModPlus plugin!

In general - if you are the owner of such an antivirus, then I recommend that you read this article. Although, perhaps, the owners of other antivirus programs, too

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Automatic Updates Module

1 The most, perhaps, difficult in the development of the plug-in ModPlus was and remains - the update. I spent a lot of time on it and here in the plug-in appeared another update module.
Again?! - you will tell) And here and not absolutely! A couple of words about this read further (I ask you to read the whole record) ...

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New function. Block replace

I decided here to get distracted from the massive functions and add some small but useful function))) Meet - Block replace. I will not describe it - I made a video where everything was shown in detail:

P.S. And yes - I already saw a typo in the text =))))