For Distributors

For Distributors

Any organization engaged in the supply of software can become a distributor of ModPlus software (hereinafter - ModPlus).

Distributors receive a permanent 30% discount on the purchase of ModPlus.


ModPlus is a modular software that is an addition to CAD software, such as AutoCAD, Revit, etc.

ModPlus contains both free and partially paid plugins. To use partially paid plugins in full, you must purchase a license.


There are three types of license:

  1. Single-user license for certain paid plugins included in ModPlus. The license is valid for the entire period of use of the supported product (AutoCAD, Revit, etc.) of the version for which the license is purchased.
  2. Single-user license for all paid ModPlus plugins (subscription). A single-user license option is available that applies only to a specific supported product (AutoCAD, Revit, etc.). License term-3, 6, 12 months.
  3. Corporate (multi-user) license for all paid ModPlus plugins (subscription). An enterprise (multi-user) license option is available that applies only to a specific supported product (AutoCAD, Revit, etc.). The number of workplaces using the license is determined by the User when purchasing the license. The license is valid for 3, 6, 12 months. The use of a corporate (multi-user) license is possible only if you install LAN license Server, included in ModPlus (download separately).

The first two types of licensing are tied directly to the user's account and therefore cannot be delivered through distributors!

Stages of interaction

  1. A license agreement is concluded between ModPlus and the distributor
  2. The distributor registers the organization's account on the website and reports the account details.
  3. A 30% discount is set for the distributor's account (it is required to inform the ModPlus employee of the data (login or email) of the account)

Stage of implementation

The implementation stages are possible only after the first two points of the interaction stages have been completed!

  1. A customer who wants to purchase a multi-user subscription must install the LAN License Server on a server or any other regular computer in their organization (see the LAN License Server page for details).
  2. The customer tells the distributor which multi-user subscription option he needs (AutoCAD, Revit or all ModPlus; 3, 6 or 12 months), the desired start date of the subscription period, and the number of workplaces. All variants of the multi-user license can be found on the corresponding page of the store.
  3. The client transfers to the distributor the registration key obtained in the LAN License Server (more details are described on the LAN License Server page).
  4. The distributor creates an order on the website with the specified data. The cost of a multi-user subscription for distributors is already displayed with a 30% discount.
    The following screenshot shows an example of ordering a multi-user subscription to all paid ModPlus software plugins, distributed only to a supported product - Autodesk Revit version 2015 and above.
    The number of workplaces is 10.
    The start date of the subscription period is 09.12.2019.
    Registration key - aA11bB22cC33dD44eE55fF66gG77=
    ForDistributors en
  5. In the cart the distributor chooses the payment option Bank Transfer, enters the details of organization and presses the Checkout button. Details of the organization are stored in the personal account.
  6. The ModPlus employee creates an invoice for payment according to the specified details (or according to the details specified in the license agreement) and sends it to the distributor to the e-mail address specified in the distributor's account. The invoice will be sent on the day of order creation.
  7. When payment is received on the invoice, the ModPlus employee edits the order: changes the start date of the subscription period (if necessary) and sets the Paid status for the order. The site generates a multi-user subscription activation key. The subscription activation key is stored in your account and is available at any time
  8. The distributor sends to the client the received activation key with which the client activates the purchased license in the LAN License Server