The general concept of modular software ModPlus

Main components

The main components of which are ModPlus software with the exception of functions

Installation, licenses and purchase

Methods for installing ModPlus software and describing the principles of licensing and purchasing full versions of functions

Help for functions

In the help certain color values are accepted:

Header - conditional header or subtitle. Usually corresponds to tabs in the function window
Window element - any element of the function window. For example, a button, a text box, etc.
Command - requests, messages from functions, working in AutoCAD (Revit). That is, queries that are displayed in the AutoCAD command line. For example, a request to specify a point or select text
Keyword - keywords in AutoCAD queries. Usually, the key changes the mode of the function or sets certain properties.
Italic text - some values are displayed as italic text, which also has a color value. Basically, file names or location directories are indicated

AutoCAD mini functions

Mini-functions in AutoCAD are included in the working libraries (that is, they are always installed together with the plug-in). The mini-functions are called through the context menu. Enabling, disabling, or setting for mini-functions is done in the settings window.

ModPlus functions for AutoCAD

ModPlus functions for Revit

ModPlus functions for Renga