The first function for Revit: Sheet copy

Published: 05 April 2017

More recently, the ModPlus plug-in has started supporting the Revit program. In the news Hi, Revit i wrote that I personally will not write anything under Revit. What ... I lied =)))

So, meet the new and very first function for Revit – Sheet copy. All the features of the function I demonstrated in the video:

And a few words about this all: I have almost no experience with Revit. About the experience of programming for it - it is logical that there is none at all. Therefore, some errors in this function are not excluded. So be careful and persist before using.

About the fact that it is paid - it's no purpose. I would not say that in terms of programming it was mega-complex, but the reason for paying is quite different - there is an analog of this function in Autodesk app store and she costs ... drum roll ... $35! So my $5 is just a symbolic value ))

On this I have everything. Enjoy your work with the plugin ModPlus


Updating the Stamps function

Published: 28 March 2017


Continuing the theme Greetings to you, Ukraine and Belarus – Finally, I have completed the work on the introduction of stamps for Ukraine and Belarus.

However, the meaning of this news in another. On function Stamps the complete transition to the version of AutoCAD 2018 is completed. So you can already safely use! ))

Enjoy your work with the plugin ModPlus


AutoCAD 2018

Published: 25 March 2017


I welcome you dear users of the ModPlus plugin. I do not get tired and will not get tired of listing the advantages of the plugin! One of the distinguishing features is its "modularity" and the system of auto-updating. And this means that you do not have to wait until I remake EVERYTHING! Therefore, ModPlus plug-in leads in relation to other products in the issue of the relevance of versions for new products from the supported Autodesk product line. On March 22, the official release of the new version of AutoCAD 2018 was released and

already from today the plug-in ModPlus supports AutoCAD 2018.

Today I updated Configurator (version and Auto update module (version, who will "see" the new AutoCAD and the functions that are relevant to it. And already today almost all functions will have a version for AutoCAD 2018. And if you use Auto update module, then do not miss the output of any function. The only function that will have to wait is Stamps. The reason is simple - shortly before the release of the new version of AutoCAD, I began to make changes to the function (in particular, additions of supporting documents from different countries, as implemented in the function Tables) and now I just can not physically release the version under AutoCAD 2018 until I finish the job. But I do not think that everyone will immediately run into the new AutoCAD =))

On this I have everything. Enjoy your work with the plugin ModPlus


Hi, Revit

Published: 18 March 2017


Hello, dear users. I think that everyone who actively uses the site could notice that in places the reference to Revit began to skip. All right! Today there was a new update of the Configurator to version and

Now the ModPlus plug-in also supports Revit!

Immediately on the main thing - I will not write anything under Revit. To my regret, I do not work in it. Absolutely no time to learn it. However, many are already familiar with Maxim, who repeatedly wrote video for the plugin. On his channel You can see a lot of training videos on Revit. So, Maxim (or anyone else) will do the functions for Revit, and I will only deal with the development of the "site".

And the main thing - support for Revit will be only from version 2017!

The first functions for Revit are planned to be added in April. So why do I release a plugin with Revit support, but without functions? It's simple! First, you need to test the performance of all added changes and the connection with Revt. Secondly - that there was already a ready-made site for those wishing to do functions under Revit.

Well, a little about the rest and the general. So far, I'll slow down with writing or updating functions. Very much a lot of work on the site itself in connection with the update of the site. You just have to do more and make inquiries, but this laborious work.

On this I have everything. All pleasant work with the plugin ModPlus!

P.S. In connection with the addition of support for Revit, the plugin needs a new slogan. Waiting for your suggestions in the comments


1200 user

Published: 08 March 2017


Congratulations to the user Дмитрий (login doshandyba)! He became the 1200th registered user on the site and receives a constant 50% discount on all purchases!


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