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  • A collection of plugins that creates intelligent objects for drawing up drawings according to the rules of ESKD


    About files with the extension .mpif

    The file with the .mpif extension is a special installation file of the ModPlus (ModPlus Install File).
    These files allow you to install and update all ModPlus components using the auto-update module in case you do not have access to the internet or


    • AutoCAD ribbon




    This plugin is an experimental development and may cause unforeseen errors when working with the drawing. In case you have problems working with the plugin, we strongly recommend writing to us and providing as detailed information as possible about the identified problem.

    If the plugins do not allow you to continue working, it is recommended to disable it using the Configurator.

    It is currently known that the plugin does not work in AutoCAD Mechanical


    The basic principle of creating smart entities is based on the use of anonymous blocks filled with advanced data (XData). With a plugin, such blocks will work as smart entities, and if not, they will simply be anonymous blocks. This approach allows you to get away from using Custom Entities that create proxy objects in the drawing and, if necessary, allows anonymous blocks to be simply disassembled, turning them into ordinary entities.

    smart entities are not annotative, but have the property Scale.

    For all smart entities, the command is present in the context menu Create analog, allowing you to create an smart entity with properties similar to the selected entity.

    The plugin creates a separate tab ModPlus ESKD on the ribbon, which contains various panels with commands that create smart entities, and panels with common commands:

    Properties 32x32 Properties 32x32 dark – opens the palette of properties of smart entities, if it is not open.
    StyleEditor 32x32 StyleEditor 32x32 dark – opens a window for managing the styles of smart entities and basic settings.
    SearchEntities 32x32 SearchEntities 32x32 dark – runs the command «Search for smart entities».

    Properties palette

    All smart entities have various properties, the editing of which is available in the property palette:


    It is not recommended to change the properties of blocks (except for general properties: color, layer, line type, etc.) through the standard AutoCAD properties palette, as this may lead to incorrect operation of the smart entity!

    12 – opens the properties palette settings window:


    Attention! If you enabled the option Connect to the ModPlus palette, make sure that the ModPlus palette is enabled in the main settings. Otherwise, the properties palette will not be displayed.!

    Style editor


    The style of an smart entity is a collection of values of the properties of an entity that are applied to the entity when it is created. You can also change the style through the property palette.

    Each smart entity has a system style, the values of which can be viewed, but not edited. For each smart entity, you can create a custom style..

    All user styles are stored in the user settings folder %APPDATA%\ModPlus\UserData\Styles and are available for backup through Personal account.

    The following commands are present at the top of the style editor:

    2 – Add a new style for the selected entity.
    3 – deletes a custom style highlighted in the list.
    4 – setting the default highlighted style. The default style in the list is displayed in bold. The default style can also be set by double-clicking on the style in the list.
    5 – creating a new custom style based on the selected smart entity. The plugin will determine the type of the entity and create a style in the desired category in the list of styles, setting the property values for it from the selected entity.



    Settings are divided into two groups: general settings and smart entities settings.

    General settings:

    When creating an entity, set the scale from the style – when this option is enabled, the scale specified in the style will be set for the created smart entity. If the option is disabled, then the current annotative drawing scale will be set to the smart entity.

    When creating an entity, set the layer from the style – when this option is enabled, the layer specified in the style will be set for the created smart entity. If the option is disabled, then the current drawing layer will be set to the smart entity.

    When creating an entity, set the text style from the style – when this option is enabled, the text style specified in the style will be set for the created smart entity. If the option is disabled, then the current drawing text style will be set to the smart entity. The option is relevant for smart entities that have text content (Straight Axis, Section, Level Mark, etc.).

    The layer and text style are saved in the style of an smart entity with all the information sufficient to recreate them. If the drawing does not have the desired layer or text style, then they can be created when creating an smart entity.

    For the smart object being created that contains the displayed number, set the separator for integer and fractional parts: – selects the integer and fractional separator used in the displayed numeric values of smart entities that contain numeric values. For example, the Level "Mark smart" entity.

    Maximum limit of the selected entities (0 - alway work) – the number of entities at which the palette will not process them. It is not recommended to set 0. Explanation: when an entity is selected in the drawing and the palette is open, then extended data is read and presented in the palette. When there are not many entities selected, this process occurs rather quickly. But the more entities there are, the more noticeable the performance will drop. For example, you want to copy 100 entities and when you select them, it will take time to read data, which is not required by the user. To solve the problem, a maximum has been added to the palette, upon reaching which the palette simply will not process the selected entities.

    smart entities settings:

    Various smart entities may have additional settings. For example, displaying auxiliary geometry when selecting a Section or Level Mark. On the left, you can select an smart entity containing additional settings, and a list of settings will be displayed on the right. When you mouse over each option, a pop-up notification is displayed with an explanation.

    Search for smart entities


    The command allows you to find in the drawing all the smart entities of a certain type and apply the specified action to them.

    10 – selection of all types of smart entities in the list.
    11 – seselecting all types of smart entities in the list.

    In the lower part of the window there is a drop-down list with options for the applied action to the found entities:

    • Select – selection of found intellectul entities in the drawing.
    • Remove data – removing extended data from found intellectul entities in the drawing. After this action, intellectul entities will become ordinary anonymous blocks.
    • Explode – the division of the found intellectul entities into a component of simple geometry (lines, polylines, text, etc.).
    • Delete – delete found intellectul entities.

    Search for smart entities by value


    The command allows you to find all smart entities in the drawing, in the numeric or string properties of which the desired value is located.

    The search result is displayed in groups by type of smart entity. All found entities of the group can be added to the current selection. When you click on an entity in the list, the entity is zoomed (the current selection is reset!).

  • 2021 Year

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (05.09.2021)

    • Fix Removed the use of a static resource dictionary, which in some cases leads to errors when starting plugins.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (25.08.2021)

    • Fix Fixed incorrect display of the name of the property that specifies the length of the middle half stroke of the cut.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (01.08.2021)

    • Improved Added "Leader" property to the Fragment Mark, allowing to enable/disable the leader.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (01.08.2021)

    • Improved Added "Leader" property to the Fragment Mark, allowing to enable/disable the leader.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (24.07.2021)

    • Improved Added property "Shelf height" to Level Mark.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (26.06.2021)

    • New Added new smart object: View/Section label. Read more
    • Improved A leader with text was added to the "Fragment mark" smart object.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (25.05.2021)

    • Fix Added an icon for the dark theme for the "Fragment mark" command.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (25.05.2021)

    • New Added new smart object: fragment mark. Read more

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (16.02.2021)

    • New Added new smart object: weld joint. Read more
    • New Added new smart object: secant nodal leader. Read more
    • New Added the ability to add masking to hide the background for all objects with text. Read more
    • New Node Leader: added value editor by double click.
    • Improved Nodal leader: for a round marker, the drawing order has been changed to account for passing through a point.
    • Improved Nodal leader: Added a new property "Text Always Horizontal".
    • Improved The palette of properties of intelligent objects has been renamed to "ESKD Properties".
    • Improved Added sorting in alphabetical order in the style settings window.
    • Fix Waterproofing: fixed the second line drawing error when zooming.
    • Fix Straight axis: fixed a bug where the position of landmark markers did not change.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (15.01.2021)

    • New Added a new smart object - Nodal leader. Read more
    • Improved Added the "Refresh Graphics" option to the "Find" function. Read more
    • Improved Added property "Show asterisk" to Level mark. Read more
    • Fix Fixed some bugs for Level mark.

    2020 Year

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (21.10.2020)

    • Improved Rebuilding a ribbon tab after editing customization settings.
    • Improved Reopening the palette when changing the workspace (if the palette is not connected to the main ModPlus palette).

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (30.08.2020)

    • New Added a new command "Search by value", which allows you to search for smart entities by the value of numeric or string properties.
    • Improved For the smart entity "Level mark" added property "Separator of integer and fractional parts".
    • Improved For the smart entity "Level mark" added the "Text alignment" property and the "Note alignment" property.
    • Fix Fixed a bug where the text was displaced vertically in the "Level mark" smart entity when it was left-sided.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (29.06.2020)

    • New Added a new smart object – Waterproofing. Read more
    • Improved Added a new property object "Straight Axis" - rotation Angle of text.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (15.06.2020)

    • Improved Changed icons for some commands.
    • Fix Fixed bug with alignment of Level Marks.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (13.06.2020)

    • New Added new intellectual object: be the benchmark. Read more
    • Improved Completely redesigned the properties palette.
    • Improved Minor corrections and improvements.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (07.04.2020)

    • Improved Changed default values for palette settings .

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (12.03.2020)

    • Fixed error running the command BEDIT at a pre-selected block.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (04.03.2020)

    • Ignoring error NotAllowedForThisProxy that occurs when drag grips of some dynamic blocks.

    2019 Year

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (18.09.2019)

    • Added update of existing intellectual entities when the document is opened.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (19.08.2019)

    • Check erased layers before using.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (04.08.2019)

    • Added setting of layer “0” for all entities inside the block of intellectual entity.
    • Fixed the error of saving selected properties (drop-down list) when creating custom styles.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (09.07.2019)

    • Completely removed support for old data storage options of intelligent entities.
    • Added accounting of the properties palette operation for entities located on the locked layer.
    • Added the ability to create intelligent entities in the case that the current layer is locked.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (04.05.2019)

    • Fixed display name of the selected style in the properties palette.
    • Added consideration styles that are not in current database of user styles.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (16.03.2019)

    • Added new command allowing to search the intellectual entities of the specified types.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (11.02.2019)

    • Error correction compatibility of entities created in different versions of AutoCAD. Read more

    2018 Year

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (28.12.2018)

    • Changes in method of data storage in intellectual entities to improve the stability.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (08.12.2018)

    • Changed the linetype scale of the default entity "Straight axis" from 1 to 10.
    • Changed the method of storing data in the entities, preventing damage of entities after run the command AUDIT (only for newly created entities or before the first editing entities).

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (28.11.2018)

    • Fixed bug in setting the current annotative scale for the created entity when disabled property "Set the scale from style".
    • Added handling properties "Layer" in "Create analog" command (configurable in the Editor styles in the settings tab).

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (27.11.2018)

    • Section: fixed offset of text when scaling Section by the standard command "Scale".
    • Section: Added the possibility of mutual offset of the text (can be enabled in settings window).
    • Section: Added a new property "Sheet number position".

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (27.11.2018)

    • Completely rewritten the function for later more quickly and efficiently adding intelligent primitives. Read more
    • Added helper team "to Create analog".
    • Added a new intelligent entity "Section".

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (11.11.2018)

    • Added a new object - Ground line.
    • Fixed some bugs.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (27.08.2018)

    • Fixed a fatal error when building a Ribbon in AutoCAD 2013, 2014.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (05.07.2018)

    • Fixed a problem that caused a fatal AutoCAD error when working with some dynamic blocks.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (16.06.2018)

    • Fixed a bug duplicate tabs on the Ribbon.
    • Changes are made in view of transfer of a folder of storage of the user settings.
    • Replacement of the main icons of the function with the addition of icons for the dark AutoCAD ribbon design theme.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (23.04.2018)

    • The problem of displaying icons in the 2013 version has been fixed.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (22.04.2018)

    • The error of incorrect setting of the first value of the axis at different angles was fixed.
    • The window for editing axis values has been added to change the position of the markers.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (18.03.2018)

    • Added a new intelligent primitive - a straight axis.
    • The style editor is also added and the settings of the plugin.
    • Many minor bug fixes.

    2017 Year

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (15.10.2017)

    • Fixed an issue that caused Auto CAD to freeze when working with a drawing with external references inserted when object snapping is enabled.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (08.10.2017)

    • Fixed a bug that leads to the disconnection of standard handles on AutoCAD tables.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (08.10.2017)

    • Added updated data in the properties palette when changing the current selection of primitives.

    AutoCAD: ModPlus ESKD (06.10.2017)

    • Fixed the "eNotApplicable" error when editing tables.