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Revit. Parameter filter with group conditions

When the Worksets plugin was written, it came up with a tool to filter elements by category and parameter. This tool was then ported to the Revit work libraries and subsequently implemented in some plugins - Copy values, Coloring elements, Side of the world. A redesign of the Elements join plugin is in the works, which will also use this tool.

And we thought the tool was flexible enough, but recently we faced a seemingly simple task, when solving it, we realized - the tool needs modifications!

The problem to be solved in the Worksets plugin was simple - we need to get in one workset: all Structural Columns, all elements of the category "Structural Framing", foundations and floors, which have a check "Structural" parameter.

Basically, the solution was and looked like this:

1 en

That is, in the filter parameters had to repeat the condition of the coincidence of categories, despite the fact that in the filter of categories they are already set. Agree, not very convenient. And still have to guess at such a solution.

Solving this problem, first of all, we realized that the setting of filters by parameters should be shown in a separate window, because the dialog box, which is always no more than one-third of the window width, is not enough.

And the solution itself was suggested to us by the conditions in the Navisworks search queries, which have "AND", "OR" and "NOT" operators. Although it is not immediately clear how to use them in Navisworks, we have tried to make everything obvious:

2 en

Now you can create a simple and a group condition. The group one consists of the same simple conditions, but they are all checked with the "AND" operator.

We also redesigned the string representation of filters by parameters, so that they are easier to read.

And to summarize, a solution for the above problem:

3 en

As you can see, the filter is now more concise, logical and understandable!

Enjoy your work with ModPlus!

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