50% discount for the 300th user

Published: 29 June 2015


Congratulations to the user Дмитрий Козюберд (login kozy) - he becomes the 300th registered user on the site and gets a 50% discount!

Do not forget to follow the discounts!

AutoCAD 2016

Published: 11 April 2015

Now with support for AutoCAD 2016!!!


50% discount for the first buyer

Published: 27 February 2015


User with nickname Vlad (login Xamer78) receives a 50% discount on all subsequent purchases!

Do not forget to visit the section Discounts - soon the list will be supplemented ;)

Let's go!

Published: 26 January 2015

As one great man said - Let's go!

Perhaps it's time to start a little bit) Under the cut a few words about the start...



Published: 03 September 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to inform you that the site appeared section Forum!

There you can discuss the work of the ModPlus plugin in general, discuss functions, leave your suggestions and ideas and much more!

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