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Context filter

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  • Filter elements by parameters, which works as a context menu


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    • Revit ribbon (filter start)
    • Pressing the left mouse button while holding down the Ctrl key


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    The plugin is built on the principles of the context menu. The filter is launched in one of three ways: by left-clicking the mouse while holding down the Ctrl key, by sequential pressing of keys, or by pressing a key combination. The context filter can be used on any form, regardless of the availability of commands from the ribbon.

    Filtering itself is performed by the values of the parameters of the elements of certain categories.

    The filter has three processing levels - all elements of the model, elements in the current view, or selected elements. There is the ability to use presets for quick filter use.


    First you need to start the filter. To do this, use the appropriate command in the ribbon on the ModPlus tab:


    Specify one of three options for calling the context filter dialog:

    • By left-clicking the mouse while holding down the Ctrl key. In this case, there may be some restrictions on working in Revit associated with the use of this combination of buttons. For example, when you try to add other elements to the set of selected items.
    • By successive pressing of the indicated keys. The default sequence is “F, F”. The time interval between keystrokes is not taken into account. When specifying a sequence, consider the assigned Revit hotkeys.
    • By pressing the specified key combination. The default key combination is “Shift + F”. When specifying a different combination, consider existing combinations (Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V and others)

    You can enable automatic launch of the context filter when loading Revit by checking the corresponding checkbox.

    Important! The filter only starts if the current Revit window is active!

    The main dialog of the context filter is divided into three zones.


    From left to right:

    • The first zone contains a list of context for data collection and a list of presets (described later).
    • The second zone contains a list of parameter values for elements grouped by categories of elements in the current context.
    • The third zone contains a list of marked parameter values (filter list), list controls, and filter application elements.
    3 - closes the context filter dialog.
    12 - allows you to drag the filter around the screen

    The context for data collection may be: all model elements, all elements in view, selected elements. If no elements were selected at the start of the filter, then the context Selected elements does not appear in the list. If there are no elements in the current view when starting the filter, then the context All elements in view does not appear in the list.

    The list in the second zone is initially filled only with categories of elements for the selected context. In this regard, the search in the upper zone of the list only works for categories.

    Between the search field and the list of categories is the Dynamic selection option. When the option is checked and the positions in the tree are selected, the corresponding elements in the model will be selected. If a category is selected, then all elements of the category will be selected, if a parameter value is selected, then all elements with this value. Added an increased indentation to the tree elements to the left of the checkboxes - an indentation has been added for the ability to select a position in the tree, since when you click on the checkbox with the mouse, the position itself is not selected.

    When you select a category from the list (check the checkbox), the parameters of all elements of this category are collected. In this case, the total number of elements in this category appears in front of the category name.

    By clicking on a parameter, all values of this parameter are collected. The number to the left of the parameter value indicates how many elements with that value were found.

    When you check the parameter value, this parameter is added to the list in the third zone. Checking the box adds all parameter values to the list in the third zone.

    All values in the second list are filled in alphabetical order.

    All values in the list in the third zone are the result of filtering if the filter condition OR is selected at the top of the list. For example, in the screenshot above, all rebars in the current view for which the Bar Diameter parameter value is 12 fall into the filtering.

    If the AND filtering condition is selected at the top of the list in the third zone, then the filtering result for each category will be elements that have all the values of all parameters in the list.

    You can apply one of the following actions to the list in the third zone:

    8 – select all elements.
    11 – remove all checked elements from the current selection. This action is available only if the elements were selected at the start of the filter.
    9 – isolate all elements in the current view.
    10 – isolate all elements in the current form, except for filtered ones (inversion isolation).

    The following controls are available to the right of the third list:

    6 – clear the entire current list for filtering.
    7 – save the current filter list as a new preset or change the current preset. When you click on the button, a dialog appears:


    The dialog contains two fields - the name of the preset (required) and the description of the preset (optional). If the current filter list is obtained by applying a previously saved preset, then in this dialog the name and description of the applied preset will be filled in and the Save as new checkbox will appear.

    When saving a preset in the first zone, a list of presets appears:


    Presets allow you to save filtering conditions for their subsequent quick re-use.

    The name and description of the preset are displayed in a tooltip when you hover over the preset in the list.

    The list of presets can be saved on the ModPlus server through the Backup Settings section in the Personal Account.

  • 2021 Year

    Revit: Context filter (05.09.2021)

    • Fix Removed the use of a static resource dictionary, which in some cases leads to errors when starting plugins.

    Revit: Context filter (24.08.2021)

    • Improved Added ignoring the color profile of the system when loading icons from plugin resources.

    Revit: Context filter (18.07.2021)

    • New Added the "All by selected" operation option that fills the list of categories by selected elements, but processes all elements in the model.
    • New Added parameter filter in the tree by parameter name.
    • Improved If the parameter is not set, the value of the parameter is displayed as "[Not set]".
    • Improved If the current view is a schedule, the filter will not open.
    • Fix Fixed an error that causes the focus to be transferred to other application windows when the filter is closed.

    2020 Year

    Revit: Context filter (28.12.2020)

    • Fix Fixed launch error after updating working libraries.

    Revit: Context filter (07.12.2020)

    • New Added the ability to move the filter around the screen.
    • New Added option "dynamic selection", which allows to select elements in the model when choosing a position in the tree.
    • New Added consideration of system types when grouping categories in a tree.

    Revit: Context filter (11.07.2020)

    • New Added ability to close the filter after applying the action.
    • Improved Improved algorithm of determining the availability of run of filter based on detach Revit windows.
    • Improved From the list settings of the sequence, and shortcuts are removed the numbers.
    • Fix Fixed saving sequences and shortcuts.

    Revit: Context filter (06.07.2020)

    • New Added AND/OR condition. Read more
    • New Added the ability to exclude checked elements from the current selection.
    • Improved The context filter now only runs if the Revit window is active.

    Revit: Context filter (25.06.2020)

    • Improved Added white background for buttons.
    • Improved Added the implementation of isolation and inverse isolation of the elements through the transaction (can undo via Ctrl Z).

    Revit: Context filter (25.06.2020)

    • Improved Added check the position of the cursor when run the filter through a sequence or combination of keys.
    • Improved Added sorting of parameter values.

    Revit: Context filter (25.06.2020)

    • Improved Fixed full description of the plugin used in the tooltip for the button on the ribbon.

    Revit: Context filter (24.06.2020)

    • New Added configurable options to run the filter. Read more